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  1. Dear atheists, agnostics, theists, and antitheists, There's so much squabbling on this board about religion, about God. But let me ask you something...what difference does it make? The theists will continue being theists, the atheists will keep on being atheists. Flaming each other never changes anything, especially on such a place as the internet. Why can we not simply get along? No matter if we believe in a creator or not, sometimes we forgot the core truth that in the end, we are all Human. One of the best things about being human is our diversity, is it not? Being but Human, we will never have the same ideas or beliefs, but one thing we can have is tolerance. We can all agree that we are going through hard times. Now is not the time to argue pointlessly about something which might or might not be beyond our understanding. This is a time for us to stand together and take hands, theist or atheist, whether we believe in tolerance or not. It is a time to come together not because we are Christians, or Buddhists, or Muslim, or atheist, but because we are all Human. Stop dividing ourselves into categories. Aren't all wars caused by the lack of understanding between two groups? We wage "war" between Americans and Afghans. We wage war between Europeans and Muslims in medieval times. We wage war tribe against tribe in the prehistoric period. But in the end, we are simply waging war between ourselves. Everyday I see people on this board bickering about religion without ever changing each others' viewpoints. I've seen people try to make you all realize that there is no point with these arguments, that it is not important when we all see ourselves as, fundamentally, humans. We are not Atheists or agnostics, we are not theists or antitheists. We are People.
  2. Hello I'm a student in high school who is learning java, and I'm building a addition calculator for fractions. However it's not working and I can't figure out what my problem is. Can someone point out what is wrong in my program please? Here is the program: (n1=numerator of first fraction, d1=denominator of second fraction, and so on) private static void Fraction(int n1, int d1, int n2, int d2){ int ntotal, wholenum=0; int dnew1=0, dnew2=0; if(d1!=d2){ dnew1=LCM(d1, d2); dnew2=dnew1; } n1=n1*(dnew1/d1); n2=n2*(dnew2/d2); ntotal=n1+n2; if(ntotal>=dnew1){ while(ntotal>=dnew1){ wholenum++; ntotal=ntotal-dnew1; } }
  3. Burrow books on C++ from the library. Spend days shutting yourself up in the house with a computer reading and practicing. Seriously.
  4. I'm starting to learn C++ but I would like to find some problems to practice my skills on. I don't know that much except for the very basic like looping and if-statements (Didn't learn to make a class yet because I'm preoccupied with studying for midterms as of now). So does anyone have something I can work on or a website with things of this sort? Thanks.
  5. Borrow 82 pounds worth of books on the comp language you want to learn (or anything really) from the library, then squat in front of the computer. Now that you have the right environment and setting, read each and every thing in that book, and try each out before moving on. That's how I learned computer science, at least.
  6. I'm not exactly an expert in this, but how can mass disappear? The Law of Conservation states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, and the equation E=mc^2 says that matter and energy is interchangeable (meaning that matter is really energy) . So what I'm trying to say is that matter cannot disappear, and thus this is impossible. (correct me if I'm wrong I'm only a kid)
  7. I just got a new telescope for Christmas but i have almost no idea how to use it!! I can't even see the moon with it because I'm obviously not using the "sighterscope" the right way, so how do i use it? My telescope looks like this:
  8. I'm currently trying to learn quantum theory but although i get it somewhat, it still confuses me a lot. What are some books i can read to help improve my understanding of quantum theory? (I'm reading "The Complete Idiot's Guide to String Theory" and the part explaining Quantum Theory was rather confusing)
  9. If the moon orbits the earth, and the earth orbits the sun, what does the sun orbit? Does it directly revolve around the milky way or does it orbit an even bigger star?
  10. You said that light cannot bend, i don't have the time do dig up your reply though. So back on topic. My 8th grade science teacher can prove you wrong on that with his prism. LIGHT DOES BEND. Also explain fiber optics, if light can not bend.
  11. So i accidentally saw this sight that says you can jump into other parallel universes and learn to be anything you wan to be. It had some science in it, and it is based on the belief that your thoughts and consciousness is really energy and the frequency of your brain atoms or something, so you can alter you consciousness's frequency and alter yourself into another universe, since they also say that our reality is just a Matrix (The Matrix?) . I'm wondering, is this even real or just another scam? Also, here is the link: http://www.quantumjumping.com/lp/subconscious?sr=1&gclid=CIrFmemopKYCFQ915QodlEJgpg
  12. Yes, but you still move forward right? I think It's kind of trying to say, when you start to move forward, where is the start?
  13. so i saw this paradox on this website, http://mathforum.org/isaac/problems/zeno1.html , but i don't know what the solution is, or is there a solution at all? A runner wants to run a certain distance - let us say 100 meters - in a finite time. But to reach the 100-meter mark, the runner must first reach the 50-meter mark, and to reach that, the runner must first run 25 meters. But to do that, he or she must first run 12.5 meters. Since space is infinitely divisible, we can repeat these 'requirements' forever. Thus the runner has to reach an infinite number of 'midpoints' in a finite time. This is impossible, so the runner can never reach his goal. In general, anyone who wants to move from one point to another must meet these requirements, and so motion is impossible, and what we perceive as motion is merely an illusion. Where does the argument break down? Why?
  14. Hello everyone, haven't logged on for over a month i think. Plus, i finally have a new computer :)

  15. I just took a recent interest in chemistry, can someone tell me some websites that can introduce me to it?
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