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  1. A few months ago I sleep-texted my boyfriend. That is the honest truth, and it really really scared me that I could do that. I don't text amazingly much, probably no more than the average person at university. I don't understand how i could have done it. About an hour into sleep i text my bf saying 'im so sorry, i've lost my way inside. please help.' Now that to me is scary, i certainly wasn't thinking anything like that. It must have been a dream or subconscious thoughts. Before i have been half asleep and text people, but i have always known what I was saying. This was completely different. I don't know how its possible,but it happened. I also quite frequently just sit up in bed, eyes open and look awake but when my bf tries to talk to me i don't hear, and aren't conscious and i will repeatedly say 'what?' or the other day it was 'who's shield'?! Interesting but scary stuff!
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