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  1. Quick Philosophical Enlightenment. To an antimatter universe where everything is the same and all the same events occur(ed), wouldn't we be an antimatter universe. In other words, we could be an antimatter universe considering normal matter universes as antimatter. hmmph
  2. Yes but in theory, that is what would happen. Theoretical physics remember?
  3. I agree the 'infinite' part is a twist and is probably not possible to show on paper. I mean infinity times zero is zero which is the logic flaw in my thinking. I can't seem to find a way around that.
  4. Because space and time are connected, this would work. However, please note that you would go to a universe where every thing is identical except for the location of your destination.
  5. Sorry I should have clarified. *We cannot ACCELARATE...
  6. Is time a dimension? Can something move through it? We cannot because if we could, we would have, just like in 4D. But what about TD (yes time-dimension)? Can we move through time. Like speed up our movement through time not space. So that way we could age slower or faster. Or indefinitly to technically stop time. Also, 1D 2D and 3D are spacial dimensions. If space and time are connected is there a TD?
  7. If you've read 'Timeline' by Michael Crichton, they talk about telportation through space-time by transporting themselves to parallel universes. Its very interesting how he depicts teleportation and is a good read. check it out!
  8. Yes I understand that. My question is, does this correspond to reality? Or is it only 11?
  9. Interesting answer. It is also very possible that you will get stuck to the wall and not completely enter, nor pass through it. Your chances of walking through are probably 10x10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10 etc. In other words, those trillion or so years would have been a waste of time, because you are now stuck in the wall. Also, the particles in your skin and the particles in your stomach are not synchronized. so it is possible your skin will get through, but your stomach won't be able to.
  10. Can there be an infinite amount of dimensions? Example: The 1D is an infinitely long, infinitely thin line. 2D is an infinite amount of those lines next to each other. This is infinitely flat. 3D is an infinite amount of those 2D flat sheets on top of each other. This is an infinitely 'big' space. 4D is an infinite amount of 3D stacked ana and kata direction 'next' to each other. Would 5D be infinite 4D also 'next to each other. Then 6D to 5D etc. For a video on 4D click this . Notice how 4D is 'cubes' that are infinitely big in a line. Would 5D be that line stacked infinitely 'next' to each other?
  11. It's funny to think infinity has an endpoint. Like something can be infinitely big but not infinitely small. Looking at it with basic geometry, Ray AB stops at A, but passes through B to continue on to infinity. Naturally, infinity cannot exist for the sole reason that universe is still expanding so it has a definite and finite border, even though that border changes every second. The real question is "is there anything beyond our universe?" if so, then infinity has a higher chance of existing. Also, we can look at atoms, and subatomic particles. If each has something inside it, like a quark, and the quark has something inside it and so on and so forth, infinity would exist. When You say infinity, you usually think number, distance, or size. But what about time. When was the start of time? The Big Bang? Sure. But when is the end. Keep thinking...
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