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  1. Would it even be possible to get a 1kg black hole, let alone transport it to Earth for it to be annihilated?
  2. Some people will believe anything they see on TV or read in the 'papers.
  3. The answer will most likely be erythrocyte, or something similar.
  4. I rearranged the ideal gas equation (PV = nRT) to make P the subject, put quantities in their appropriate units and got the pressure as 3.5x106 Pa; with partial pressures of (H2) 2.1x106 Pa and (He) 1.5x106 Pa.
  5. Astronauts have to exercise to combat the muscle-wasting effects of zero gravity. We die because our bodies become more inefficient with time and tissues aren't replaced as effectively as they were originally.
  6. You can have the same infection twice, though it's unlikely.
  7. Osmosis experiments, reducing sugars, immobilising ezymes, heights of sunflowers (fertilisers v. non-fertilisers), guttation of a litre of water (vary the species).
  8. As far as I know, no such equation exists. You'd have to discover one for yourself by experiment. It would probably be done by measuring X-ray emission (electrons emit X-rays when they're accelerated).
  9. I prefer to use Euler's Matrix because you can use it to multiply any two numbers and it's easy to check for mistakes.
  10. Life begins the instant the ovum is fertilised (for Humans) and has nothing to do with the brain.
  11. I would've thought the toxic gases would be the most dangerous aspect of this reaction.
  12. cipher510 beat me to it. Collect loads of apple pips and add them to a solution of sodium bisulphate in sealed glass apparatus. This gives off HCN gas which can be collected into a solution of sodium hydroxide, which gives you your sodium cyanide.
  13. Could also be corroded electrodes.
  14. The last time I looked, there was loads of labware for sale on Ebay.
  15. How do you know the reaction's possible? Everyone knows about the reaction between glycerol and potassium permanganate (sets alight).
  16. Have you compared the life expectancies and infant mortality rates too? If a child is born but doesn't live long enough to produce offspring, they'll be included in the birth rate but not contribute to a rise in the population. Does that make sense? I think a little more research is needed.
  17. Yes you just react with calcium hydroxide and make up with a strong acid. Reference: http://gomestic.com/...-citrus-fruits/
  18. The fine beam tube is the classic demonstration - Helmholz coils are used to deflect cathode rays.
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