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  1. "It must be true I read it on the internet" and the web page looked legit. That being said I do know an individual who had half his brain removed in early child hood because of a tumour. He is mentally around 12 although in his late 20's, he must live in a group home and walks with a cane. Still quite remarkable given the extent of tissue removed.
  2. I know just enough about solar power to be dangerous but there has been huge leaps in efficiency namely http://www.psfk.com/2014/02/solar-panel-magnifying-glass.html#!bhM96t seems to me you could build off of this technology to increase efficiency therefore lowering the size of the solar capture panel needed.and/or substantially reduce the battery charge time......or melt the solar panel into a big blob of goo with your awesome solar laser !!.
  3. Huh? what's illegal about changing your diet and work out routine to get better results? I didn't say anything about steroids or using other illicit drugs.
  4. well the goal is to get big composed of lean muscle mass.By "putting the science behind it" I meant best / quickest results with least amount of effort, I understand there is no lazy man's way to results but 1 website can suggest heavy training every other day and very high carbs and protein and another suggests 1 intense session with mostly a protein diet and 4-5 days of rest to recover. So cardio bursts increase growth hormone, which in theory should boost muscle gain.thank you.
  5. I succeeded with a NICOTINE FREE electronic cigarette. Be careful what you buy because many have nicotine in them. It was very realistic in size and appearance and produced an abundant cloud of smoke, I found if you were distracted say sitting at the computer you totally forgot it was a fake smoke. You have to get used to the lighter flavour and your brain is going to say it's no good because it's not getting a nicotine rush but it's easier than nothing. I think it's the least painful method you can puff and puff and puff and the whole time your body is getting used to not having nicotine. As has been mentioned what works for one may not work for the other. The chemical that produces the vapour is the same as what is used in a rock concert smoke machine, It is GRS but still probably not the best thing to inhale directly (but safer and better than cigarette smoke. ) I used a brand called E-ZEE Cig and a pkg of 3 disposable cartridges (6 pack equivalent) was 8 dollars. I don't know if you can buy online or just at retail stores.
  6. At the risk of getting a verbal spanking about It, what is the lazy mans easy way to increasing lean muscle mass? I've been visiting alot of weight training forums and to put it in a nutshell the basic process of growth comes down to eating huge amounts of food, training with ever increasing weight loads and adequate rest. The weight loss AFTER the muscle gain is what's troubling me, the ever increasing weight loads are just a personal challenge and to lift more and more is after all the name of the game. Aside from steroids is there a way to trick the body into an anabolic state without consuming the vast amount of calories these sites recommend?. Could a person only eat the high calories every other day and stay in an anabolic state? keep in mindI want to keep the rapid growth that comes from over work and over feeding but not get fat in the process. I can't find much information on the topic for what I want to do. (stay in an anabolic state while minimizing over eating) I don't want to follow some big guy's 5000 calorie a day diet plan. Basically according to these sites you have to put on some fat with the muscle and then you have to cut calories and maintain high protein intake to burn the excess fat and maintain the muscle you gained. Then repeat the process to gain more lean muscle, This yo-yo dieting has to be very unhealthy over the long term and of course it's alot easier to put on fat than lose it espescially as we get older.
  7. I think you need to be more explicit with your question, the term idiot is a derogatory term which is commonly used to describe anyone who has a different viewpoint we don't agree with which we consider stupid, As well those less politically correct could use the term to describe someone who is mentally challenged, By definition the term "idiot savant" is an intellectually disabled person who exhibits extraordinary ability in a specific area, such as mathematics or music.
  8. If you had an enemy who was seeking revenge against you, The enemy is a psychopathic personality with large financial resources and will most likely seek revenge in the form of suffering. The enemy is highly intelligent and has the thought process to concoct an elaborate scheme, your initial thought is the enemy is going to set you up to take the fall for somthing so you end up incarcerated. That's what you want to protect yourself against. The reasoning is they would be able to control your environment by paying prisoners and guards to make your life miserable. Using today's technology such as a cell phone pinging off a tower, computer log's and IP addresses etc. How would you ensure your whereabouts could be confirmed 24/7? Having an eye witness to be with you every hour of every day is not an option. It has to be through the use of technology. The goal is to provide indisputable proof (alibi) so when your enemy makes there move you can prove you could not have possibly been near the crime they are trying to set you up for. Kind of like a modern day Count of Monte Cristo scenario.
  9. Maclean's magazine, march 25 2013 contained an interesting read on mental illness, I personally agree with alot of the points identified, Particularily, Many illnesses in the new DSM 5 aren't even science based they are manufactured from a panel of psychiatrist's personal beliefs and theories. Traditionally in science you make a hypothesis, test it and hand it over to other scientists to confirm your results, That doesn't seem to be the case with this highly regarded diagnostic tool anymore. I think it could be a helpful and encouraging read for you Popcorn Sutton. Maybe some of the desires you expressed in this thread will become a reality.
  10. Probably put some liquid rubber or ashphalt car under coating ......somthing gritty on the ramp to give traction too. You want it to get enough bite to roll down or up not slide.
  11. That would mean if you removed the problem that switched on the subconscious then the schizophrenic reaction would be cured. I think you are confusing schizophrenia with a brief psychotic episode. Their are many mental illnesses that produce "schizophrenic like" symptoms such as psychosis and delusions but they are not true schizophrenia. Many are stress induced, large amounts of caffeine, sleep deprivation, even lack of protein in a severe form can cause "schizophrenic like" symptoms, The symptoms disappear when the physical or psychological stress disappears, True schizophrenia however does not.
  12. I would reccomend reading a book titled David's adventure with schizophrenia by David LaChapelle. My personal opinion is that he still has symptoms which are evident in the book but that's what would make it such a great reference for you. It's about as close to an unadulterated view into how a schizophrenic sees the world as your going to get. The editor didn't tear it apart and re-structure it, nor does it appear the author spent all his time writing it to be "well written". In my opinion he just wrote what he thought and that was that. Quite often when these books are written in past reflection it borders on fiction.
  13. Hey popcorn I had a similar experience, placed in a secure mental institution against my will. From my experience it has to be court ordered for any treatment to be administered, UNLESS, the individual is posing a significant threat to themselves or others in which case several orderlies will restrain the individual while a medication is administered and they will be placed in observation. I only witnessed it never experienced it so the medication I assume is a sedative and possible anti psychotic combination. The "patient" has to be in very poor condition for a court to order treatment. From the perspective of criminal court, If you can understand who the judge is and their role in a basic manner (he decides if you win or lose) and if you understand the possible outcomes of trial (I can win or lose, if I lose I might go to jail) you are deemed fit to stand trial. In my opinion even a delusional and paranoid individual in the midst of a psychotic episode can understand this yet be very incapable of directing or assisting their lawyer with information that could lead to a verdict of innocence.But it reinforces my point of just how far gone an individual has to be in order for the court to order treatment. Anyway during my stay no medication was administered, I was given a diagnosis of " a severe psychotic illness" because of the timeframe (later accurately diagnosed schizo-affective ) but still deemed fit to stand trial. Anyway, please don't take offence but I feel your not giving members here the whole story. I know your upset, feel stepped on, rights violated etc. so do I. but the law is very clear when treatment can be "forced" Different methods of persuasion and coercion are not really forced treatment. Though the threat of injecting you if you don't take medication orally does cross the line. I have to weigh in on SSRI's too, I don't like them either when I did take them I got fat, lethargic and emotionally detached. The withdrawal was horrible, I could go on and on. There are many different SSRI's available making it possible to find one for your unique body composition. Citalopram showed the least side effects for me with positive results but I quickly developed a tolerance. Trazadone made me sleep about 16 hours a day and the new form of citalopram also does this. All of them killed sex drive. That being said I have several friends very grateful for SSRI's that helped them get their lives back. On a final note that "stroke" you claim that "felt like a gunshot".......that's a common side effect of both withdrawal from SSRI's and also while your body adjusts to the medication commonly referred to as "brain zaps" I don't know if there is a proper medical term. It feels like an explosion in your head with loss of balance, coordination, disruptions in your ability to communicate etc. All which could very easily be confused with a stroke. But it's not a stroke. See a doctor they will be able to confirm if your self diagnosis is accurate. I speak from personal experience I suffered the same effect and was concerned it was a serious medical condition. I'm no doctor but common sense dictates they should have started you with a lower dose to build your bodies tolerance to the medication.
  14. I am trying to find a list of complete nutritional requirements for the "perfect" daily diet and I can't find it anywhere. I have tried to patch one together from different sources but I get conflicting results. I would like to find a list with EVERYTHING fibre, protein , minerals, and vitamins. fat etc. It's just a pet project I'm fooling around with to try and make a meal replacement as compact as possible, If mankind is going to travel to mars I believe it's going to be on a relatively synthetic diet and I would like to try such a diet myself. Everything the body needs except........actual food. I haven't came up with a calorie source yet other than protein and fat. The recommended daily intake does not contain enough daily calories to be healthy so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And if your really bored, Does anyone know how much a daily caloric intake could be reduced in a zero gravity environment? I'm just guessing but I think eating 2000 calories and floating around with no resistance would lead to rapid morbid obesity.
  15. Perpetual motion is still an interesting concept though and it depends on how you define perpetual motion, One could argue the earth is in perpetual motion It is believed the earth day will be twice as long in about 5 billion years but the sun will destroy earth in like 3 billion.................like i said it depends on how you define perpetual if it's til the end of time well our time will be up long before the earth stops spinning. Regardless the quest for a perpetual motion machine has lead to some very efficient machines being created.
  16. I support marijuana use BUT thought I'd post this anyway here's a link for you to check out http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-teenage-mind/201102/does-marijuana-cause-cancer There is not alot of "quality research" into the effects of marijuana on brain or just health in general but there is alot of research into tobacco so my thinking is since the two contain many similar toxic chemicals I believe you could prioritize them based on largest quantities present then do some research to see if these chemicals are scientifically proven to damage the brain and then draw your own conclusions. Of course some die hard smoker will probably say that the unique cannabinoids only found in marijuana will somehow cancel out the effects of the toxic chemicals ( and OJ Simpson is innocent, Bill Clinton never inhaled etc.) Now does THC permanently effect the brain? I dunno, that's probably what you really want to know because vaporizers supposedly only emit THC bypassing all the nasty compounds.
  17. I recently purchased a toy for my son on Ebay that runs on salt water I guess it works on a chemical reaction with magnesium. Anyway the description was very broken english and I would like to know what this technology is called and any information you might deem relevant so I can find a "blurb" online in order to explain to him how and why it works and what else it is used for.
  18. I was reading a story on msn Canada that claims automatic transmissions are much faster than manual transmissions So I am wondering why do race car drivers prefer manual? In my time at the track (drag strip) it seems all the pro mods had manual transmissions I think Indy cars also do. So is the claim wrong that automatic transmissions are faster? Is it hard to modify automatic transmissions for custom gear ratios or somthing?
  19. have to agree go see a doctor but.........I would also like to suggest you try and put yourself in his shoes to the best of your ability. Try to think like he does, what does the slapping do? I'm gonna make a guess and thats all it is, a guess. Anxiety can cause physical discomfort sort of like a funny feeling in the chest you just can't get away from and can hardly tolerate it's a horrible sensation worse than the other physical effects of anxiety and I'm GUESSING he has discovered slapping distracts him from this sensation. A good pediatrician should be able to help you. the only reason I provided my guess is because quite often the medical profession is very good about treating the symptoms but not very good about determining the cause. Like any concerned parent you want to know why and what to do when the situation presents itself, To that I have to say you yourself know your child better than anyone A pediatrician should be able to point you in the right direction and offer helpful advice but every child has their own unique personality, Do your best to try and view the world through his eyes and discover what makes him tick.
  20. I came across this article and assume it's content is a valid perspective from an actual scientologist. http://www.lermanet.com/exit/onauditingbystacy.htm I'm curious to know others opinions about the article mostly about the effects of the process. My personal belief is that later in the process the person is definitely suffering from illusions of grandeur but would you also believe the person would be completely psychotic and out of touch with reality completely? Even if it's not an official statement from a true scientologist the process described certainly is an interesting read and provides alot of insight on how brain washing works I must admit before reading it I had no idea how a cult could control it's members. I would like to learn more about it if you can suggest some reading material.
  21. Before I post I must honestly claim this is here say but I can verify it comes directly from those in the frontlines of the medical profession. Assisted suicide or "murder" is routinely carried out in hospitals already the method used is morphine provided in increasingly larger doses until the patient succumbs. It can of course be argued the patient requires increasingly larger doses to control pain which provides a convenient "out" but coming directly from nurses who have seen it first hand (and also have knowledge on appropriate dosing) quite often it is a compassionate gesture by the doctor. Everyone knows its happening and why but everyone keeps their mouth shut because its the humane thing to do. Again I have to say it's here say and I have no desire to get in an endless debate about it
  22. I would copy the design of an outdoor wood furnace , your pipe diameter seems pretty small compared to these systems using a water jacket and 3/4 inch pipe to carry the hot water quite a distance without losing much temperature. A radiator for these systems would also allow you to use your oven as a safe heat source for any shelter you have. only you would need a 12 volt pump system or propane generator etc. to provide electricity for the pump.
  23. I meant they are not in sufficient quantities in the beer to really make any difference According to the Canada food guide 165 lbs is the ideal weight for a man 5 feet 9 inches tall.
  24. After much research online I have seen more guesses than anything about this question so i thought this being a science forum we would put science behind it. I Guess we should give the question some parameters so the individual is a 30 year old male 5 ft 9 165 lbs in good health. The amount of beer can be adjusted if it does any good but each beer contains 153 calories. 5 grams carbohydrates other contents are irrelevant.
  25. The laminated sample will be stiffer and alternating grain direction makes a more stable lamination. Better able to resist "cupping and warping" I was a cabinet maker for 10 years. It is worth mentioning plywood is made with the grain of each layer alternating at right angles to it's previous layer and in older houses the subfloor boards were nailed at 45 degrees to the walls and the top layer was placed at 90 degrees to the walls to promote stiffness. Before plywood was invented.
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