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  1. ...999.0 + 1 = ...000.0 = 0 0 - 1 = -1 ergo ...999.0 = -1 Each human that is born into modern-society is forced to walk down a path already paved. We have constructed the chain of events below to explain exactly what this path contains and where it will lead humanity in the near future. 1. You are born as a pure minded human; no academia and essentially untouched by society. 2. You are taught through your guardians how to live amongst a society which they consider to be reality and you learn how to recognise your environment. Their knowledge is tenaciously biased throug
  2. Don't tell me all of a sudden Steven Hawkins isn't a great scientist because he divided by zero.
  3. You're on the offensive, which implies you're attempting to suppress. You're not discussing, you're attacking; there is a difference. Theism/Religion(partly): God Atheism/Science(partly): No God Here is my campain picture. Religion forces imagination in one direction, giving people the weight of beleif throughout their whole life; whilst arguing with atheism, who constantly promote the idea of their religion, "no-God". Science alters imagination into advancement. Officially making progress off of human nature, through illusion and deciet. Through laws and strict approaches.
  4. Well it's more than just saying, "God did it." It means that people can have substance to their beliefs, not just blind-faith.
  5. Of course it makes sense. You just don't want it to.
  6. 7th

    We WON!

    You did win. You went in, got the oil as planned and then granted them freedom, but secretly controlling their oil resource.
  7. Aight I suppose. I'll do some research, sorry for being on the offensive :3. Just a bit tired, been computing all day. I'll look for ways to prove it, give me a few days.
  8. All you've done is focus on P=NP nothing more. You haven't touched the 'theory', but rather pick out little parts of it. That's not science.
  9. After dividing by zero multiple times I have gained knowledge on some possible truths about the universe and existence. I'm aware that the road we're taking is sin however it's not enough sin to induce hell. Our human-given role is to protect the earth we live on and the nature that comforts us -- we shouldn't be the species that abolishes resource and makes animals extinct, we should be doing the opposite. We've gained enough knowledge to create technology that can help us with this cause, we have reached the pinacle almost and soon it's time to stop sinning and give a bit back. We all sin da
  10. All it means is it's quicker to use the process, than the product. So inevitably I believe that a black hole spins and pulls; it doesn't matter about why it spins or pulls if they are inevitably the foremost processes. That's what I mean by P = NP. Whatever the impulse was made from, I believe that's electric or 'antimatter'(which I believe is electric). It would also combine with my belief about humans being a mixture of black and white holes. Our soul or sceintifically speaking, 'energy', is in the image of a white hole, and our body or 'vessel' is in the image of black hole. So
  11. Because black holes do spin, and black holes do pull. That's what the ultimate processes are. Have you anything to contest a black hole spinning (especially the first one)? It's obvious it spins really, isn't it? It's not like it's rocket-sciecne.
  12. Every planet spins, without the intial spin we would be static, aka no motion. The first blackhole definetly spinned otherwise we wouldn't be in a vacuum. Think of it like water going down a drain, accept pressure spinning around and causing a funnel like entropy, pulling everything around it inwards. After this entropy, the original impulse circles the center until finally hitting it, then BANG!. It's really simple. You can think of it as time being the sperm (the program), and gravity/blackhole being the egg. Nothing is not in-motion, even if it's a sign post, it's still moving due to the ro
  13. Can we discuss the original post fully before we move on into tid bits, otherwise this whole thread will be based on "P=NP". I'll explain now why it has been used in context, however I assume you will give me some decent discussion on terms of the rest of the statement/hypothesis without simply saying, "no, it's nonsese". P = NP shows that it is quicker to use the process than it is the product, example being: (P = (x / x = y)) = NP.
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