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  1. Richard Bach - Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  2. Who would pay for a bar of chocolate with counterfeit money when it is a little more than a dollar?
  3. Well as disappointing as it may be thank you for the replies. I will continue with other means of fast transport.
  4. Many people have often sought ways to phase through walls. Now for faster travel, Strategic advantage, Unissued access, or more mischievous reasons is unimportant. The want is there and where there is a will there is one hard headed enough to try. So the reason this topic has emerged on this wonderful morning at 2:00 am is as simple as my own curiosity. Last night (roughly at this time) I was watching the discovery channel about magnetism. When the topic of atomic magnetism came up I was immediately enticed. Learning that a spinning nuclei generates a tiny magnetic field only to be increased in force by the spinning electrons own magnetic field creates a small but, relatively strong magnetic field. Now among my constant quarries of the day this one unlike all others that had faded stayed bugging at the back of my mind. So I hand the torch to you, is it possible to demagnetize the atom thus since there is nothing to repel your own atoms rendering the wall / object penetrable?
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