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  1. We're not going to discuss about psychological aspects that contribute in longer lifespan such as stress-free environment, adequate nutrition, health care, social stimulation, living in captivity VS nature, etc. We're going to see things from other fields/point of views. Take this as simple example: A small chihuahua can live far longer than a big St. Bernard since it requires less effort to sustain its heart and other vital organs, etc. A rat that is almost the size of a chihuahua live no more than 2 years. The lifespan of an elephant could be as long as the average lifespan of human. Cold-blooded species could live longer due to decreased metabolic rate (let us ignore them for awhile and focus on mammal, for now). Etc,etc. There are many other argumentative examples that I couldn't write all of them here. So I want to hear your personal scientific explanation/opinions toward this matter. Please don't just say it's already in genetic. You could be as argumentative as you want. I'm sorry if It's poorly written. English isn't my official language.
  2. How do I know? I believe that Earth as non-living thing has the power to maintain and cause cycle on itself. Life may spontaneously exist on Earth but I believe the existence of life has something to do with our Earth. It remains unexplored but I can assume that the presence and development of photosynthetic bacteria and plants kingdom could mean that our Earth needs the presence of other compound that only available from the symbiotic relationship with life form to preserve its atmospheric body. You can say that life serve no purpose for Earth and it just exists like that but if you consider about other hypothesis or 'speculation' about life as the object of alien experimentation you can get the idea that if Earth didn't coincidentally create life form on purpose the presence of life form could originated form 'alien'. As I said this is rational and we just can't validate it because we,as 'lower' life form are incapable of doing such observation/investigation.
  3. Hi there,I'm new here so maybe I don't really know how it works here. Anyway,I'm curious about this issue so I'm going to discuss it. Some of you must know that there's a theory/hypothesis (forgot the name,probably Richard Dawkins') says that the very first life on earth were spontaneously formed and created by 'decomposition' of some compounds,and this just an accident/coincidence that our Earth were filled with such life supporting matter that allow life form to exist. Life exist because the condition is suitable,and it has nothing to do with Earth. Of course some people with inquisitive mind like me know that this not just an accident where one compound meet another right compound and form the very first nucleic acid as the very basic element of life form,there must be something more than that that remain unexplored. I mean,why the Earth need life on itself,does it really serve a purpose for Earth? Earth just like other planets in this galaxy where all of them will still exist no matter what happen and will have nothing to do with complexity of life. So why there are life on Earth? What is the reason behind the existence of life on Earth? Even though Earth isn't a living thing it has the power and ability to maintain and create cycle on itself. Please try to support your opinion with hypothesis/theory if you could since there could be no accurate answer for this particular issue. I think the idea about we were created by aliens as their experiment object will sound ridiculous to most ears but that is the most plausible explanation in this issue,beside the accident hypothesis,of course. The idea about alien can't be proven/tested because we are incapable of doing such thing,but it provides a bigger portion of rational explanation toward this particular issue. Please understand and forgive me if I said something in the 'wrong' way as English isn't my official language.
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