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    mmm, well, I have a great interest in all areas of science, but particually enjoy chemistry (as in legitimate chemstry to all the pyros out there!)
  1. Doobuzz

    My dead cress

    Duplicate post - please delete
  2. Doobuzz

    My dead cress

    Ok, the (NH4)SO4 one has started to come back to life Still, any idea what might have caused the problem. I was discussing it with other people at school and they have all had simpilar problems. Does anyone have any idea what might happen to the acid one? Thanks
  3. Doobuzz

    My dead cress

    Yep, sorry my mistake - ill edit it in
  4. Doobuzz

    My dead cress

    Ok, the background. At school we were tasked with a simple experiment to investigate the effect of fertilisers on plant growth, and have been issued with two (singular) cress plants, one as a control and another to be fed on ammonium sulphate. The problem came about an hour after the lesson when I realised that the (NH4)SO4 one had "keeled over" so to speak. Thinking that perhaps the stem had broken I went back to the lab and replaced it with a fresh stalk. However, upon arriving home I realised that it had done exactly the same thing again. The control is growing quite happily, so what's going on? My best guess is that although I mixed the fertiliser as per the instructions it has somehow poisoned the plant. But if so why? http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/davidcomley.doobuzz/06June28th2007SchoolAndCressPlants/photo#5081231276956772546 http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/davidcomley.doobuzz/06June28th2007SchoolAndCressPlants/photo#5081231311316510930 I was planning to add gibberellic acid to another sample. Does anyone have any immediate thoughts on what might result? (my best guess is that it will either A. grow slightly larger/faster than a normal plant or more likely B. die) I've found an article detailing an experiment which used mustard seed (http://www.springerlink.com/content/l12w453g31153104/) so I assume it is compatible with the plant in some way. Any ideas?
  5. Hmmm ok, thanks. I will proceed with caution!
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how you would go about creating zinc sulfide? I presume adding zinc to copper sulphate will result in zinc sulphate and i'm not all that crazy about smashing up a CRT screen for safety reasons Any advice?
  7. Actually, you can use it as a meat substitute for pretty much anything you like. We use it in bolognaise sauce
  8. Thanks, but no thanks - we were just debating feasibility The main problem we were discussing was the fact that many protein-rich veggie products also contain lots of carbohydrate. RE: Lucaspa Thanks, that's very intersting
  9. I’ve been having an argument with my biology teacher about this for a while now. Would it be possible (hypothetically) for a vegetarian to rapidly loose weight following the Atkins diet? Due to the diet's emphasis on maximising protein and minimising carbohydrate intake, would one be able to achieve this without eating meat or fish? If so what food would they have to eat and in what quantities?
  10. Yep, rocks, minerals, most objects containing radioactive compounds (my orange fiestaware plate! ) - all exempt from registration
  11. Ive checked with the hpa and it doesnt look illegal It simply says that if you have any highly radioactive samples you may wish to store them in a shed! http://www.hpa.org.uk/radiation/publications/newsletters/environmental_radon/1998/ern14.pdf#search=%22uranium%20-depleted%22 If anyone knows anything else feel free to post [Edit] and here http://www.defra.gov.uk/environment/radioactivity/government/legislation/exemption.htm#2
  12. I agree! However, "dangerouslaboratories.org" does provide information about old uranium mines in cornwall. http://www.dangerouslaboratories.org/rcw.html
  13. Yeah, i was just interested due to all the new counter terrorism legislation.
  14. Just out of interest does any body know what the law is over the possession of uranium rocks and objects such as radium painted clock-hands UK? I know that they are freely available through companies like united nuclear in the US but they don't seem to appear anywhere in this country. Can anyone provide an explanation?
  15. Doobuzz


    Perhaps i'll give this one a miss seeing as lithium cells aren't the cheapest of things to buy (i'm working on a tight budget here! ). I'll try and get hold of some online, but thanks for the help.
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