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  1. http://superstringtheory.com/ And nice explained. Watch. Take Care.
  2. Brother, Thanks and Merci Beaucou and Danke.
  3. So kind brother of me, tell me links that i would want to follow. I only here to ask that what should i study, tell me names or principle, or forumale name so that i buy book from libracy. You know like from starting. If you tell me that, i see the greatness in you.
  4. I know like what they teach us in school and college. I know plus, subtract, divide, multiple, i know theorems, probability, little of limits and derivatives, vectors, like that. I want to go in maths so deep, like water in a ocean.
  5. Want I to be! Can you tell me where should I start in order? I have normal knowledge of basic maths, I want to be a Math Genius, I am! Where should I start? Tell me? Tell me? Thanks of the help very much, appreciating this help of you're.
  6. Thats why we cant reach the end. Because it has end points.
  7. May be it is possible for another universe or universes to exist and the other end of black hole but i dont think we can make a technology where we can travel using black hole. It will kill us and any type of matter.
  8. You Mean electromagnetic modes from the space between them? Impossible much. Only Matter can produce energy in any form like you said 'electromagnetic force' else impossible for vacuum to actually have energy. Please correct me if i am wrong. I dont understand where the energy come from in vacuum?
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