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  1. Isn't this agaisnt freedom of speach? People shouldn't take things so seriously, expecially religous things... I'm reminded of a South Park episode abouut this kind of thing Great eqpidose. Funny, interesting, basedon truth, etc...
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    I posted here a while ago about a paper I needed to write about gas. I got a few great links that really helped. I'm hopeing I can get simular help on this new paper on the Energy Massachusets uses. Things I need to know [stuff that will be in the essy]: - What energy sources does Mass. use? What are they used for? - What energy does Mass create? Where does it go? - How does all these different form of enery and creation of energy work? --- It would be a great help if I could get some links, or info from you guys . Thanks inadvance!
  3. I have to write a paper on the politics of gasoline. If anyone has any links or information on these subjects please help me out Questions: [These will be in the essay] 1. Why have gas prices gone up? 2. What might happen in the next few years? 3. Where is are gas coming from? 4. What's our government policy on gasoline? 5. What is dieselfuel? -
  4. lol sorry to comment on this but it seems kinda funny. Just because other animals don't destroy the enviremnet doesn't mean ther more inteligent. It means they are less inteligent. I'm sure that if a dog could was just as inteligent as a human it would have simular problems with advancing but still keeping the earth safe. --- But on the topic at hand. I think that the dinosaurs body would have to completly change for it to better adapt to learning rather then eating. Humans dont have sharp teeth or deadly bodies but we have bodies that can learn and do hands on stuff. Other animals on earth have bodies more for surving the elements and hunting for food.
  5. Ok well if the atoms in the solid abject are stationary that just leaves this question: Nothing is truly "solid", there is space between all the atoms that make an object. Most of all matter is empty space. So if you were to shoot a ball small enough to fit through the space between the atoms then it could get through the solid object without causing the solid object any damage. It is the same thing with the water. if the ball was small enough to get through the space between the atoms in the water it could get through the water without getting wet.
  6. Ok well i am coming into this conversation a few pages in so ionno if anyone else has said anything like this already. I believe a great deal of how much inteligence an animal has or can get is effected by how there body is setup. We as humans have a body that is good for learning. For example if humans didn't have a thumb we would most likley be nowhere close to where we are with knowlege and understanding of things. There is actually a good chance that the human race would have died out hundreds of years ago. Inteligence has to come from "hands on" ways aswell as just a brain that is devoloped enough. Try to imagnine a dinosour adding two different liquids together. They don't have the body for that. Since they could never mix the two liquids together, they don't know the result is. therefor they cannot learn it. [that wasn't a very clear example.. but the point is that they cannnot hold two containers of liquids (like test tubes) and poor them together to see how the two liquids react to each other..] i do believe that dinosours had some level of inteligence as all animals do. The only thing is that they could never advance to far due to there bodies.
  7. Ok so atoms make up everything in the universe. Air, water, objects, etc.., are all made out of atoms. Now if you have a glass of water, you can stick your finger into the water. If you have a solid object such as a wood door for example you cannot stick your finger into the wooden door. Is this because the atoms in the water are moving slower then that of the atoms in the door? If so that would mean that if you had an object going the same speed or faster then the speed of the atoms in a solid object the object could go right through a solid object. For example: You have a door and a ball. The ball is thrown at the door faster then the speed of the atoms traveling in the door, so therefor the ball will go through the door withought leaving a hole, dent, or whatever. This would be possible wouldn't it be? I also have another question that is a little different but still same idea kinda. I know this is not possible but this is just an example thing. Suppose you had some water hovering in the air. Just like 1 gallon of whater in one spot in the air. Know you throw a ball through the water and the ball moved slower then the atoms in the water. Therefor the ball would absorb some of the water and get wet. know assume you throw a ball through the water and the ball travels faster then the speed of the atoms in the water. Wouldn't it be true that the ball would absorb no water and not get wet? Maybe i have something confused, or all wronge lol. I hope i explaned all this good enough, i'm only 14 =/
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