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  1. haha.. no, i just want to know how much energy will the brain consumes when we thinking. is it enough to make somebody losing weight by thinking hard for a few hours a day or not. And where does the energy goes? I mean, i know they're using it for chemical reaction and some kind of electric charge during synapse process. But after that? are they changing back to ATP?
  2. sky

    about therm..

    Got it, and i just read about absolute zero on wiki. thanks a lot
  3. Would someone lose weight just by thinking? Synaptic connection need some energy right? And more energy to consume means more calories to burn. So how many hours a day should i spend on thinking to lose a pound in one week?
  4. sky


    Hahahaha.. I don't know. do you have any idea? They didn't really mention about the energy specifically since this is a book of motivation, but they did mention real experiment. Thinking use some energies though. Maybe someone really able to lose weight just by thinking. I think i would go and make another topic about this...
  5. sky

    about therm..

    How did mark it as lowest temperature possible? Is it because you don't have any technology to make it lower? or it's because there is no more reaction when you try to make it lower? is it a research or theory? What do you mean by historical? I'm excited! haha..
  6. sky


    I think God is some kind of energy. I've read a book about human resonance. It said that the brain emits a powerful energy with specific wavelength (though it also said that human heart emits even more powerful energy). Many people believe God. The brain emitting energy with specific wavelength. Then it merged with another energy with same wavelength, resulting bigger and bigger energy. The energy is somehow used to create a miracle, like healing sickness. It only can be used when the healer and the patient is both believe in God so the resonance can be happened. I think it's somehow rational. More rational than God is gravity, or God is time. But i'm agree with klaplunk as he said that God can't be exist without time. We created God, we need time. so God needs time. just an opinion though.
  7. sky

    about therm..

    i was lying down and start to thinking randomly. I was thinking about the scale of thermometer. It's just weird to have something below 0 degree. I think 0 degree means that there's no more heat to release. So how come some object can become colder when there's no more heat to release? Is there any limit where something can no more become colder? If there's any then we should make a new scale of degree. I'm curious about how it's gonna be if we just keep absorbing heat from one object . Will we found a new state of matter? I've read about plasma though. I'm new in science world and my major doesn't even close to science. So forgive me if the question is not good enough.. hahaha.. I'm just curious.
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