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    Would you not notice the differences in yourself to your parents? My Dad acts a lot like me and I wasn't brought up by him. My grandparents brought me up, my mothers side of the family. My dad enjoys the stuff I enjoy and he thinks the same why I do. I'd notice the difference, maybe it's not the same with everyone.
  2. The fictional story you're seeing is nothing like the non-fictional story I'm seeing. I understand the bible quite well. I've read it time and time again, I interpret it as something other than a story - and it makes sense to interpret it that way, (wisdom) we're talking about creation, so keep it simple, the first steps in time (genesis 1). It's not like god is sat in a cloud and suddently it creates a planet and heavens in the first few seconds. God does it bit by bit - what's wrong with this view? Not the educated one? It's repenting, that's all you're doing. I don't believe you - you d
  3. eleven


    That's purely up to how knowledgable you are with religion. You interpret gods as something some of us don't; some of us may interpret god as something that does fit into this law. I picture God as an artist - just that, nothing more. I don't mean a human artist, or an alien artist, or a cloud-riding super monkey. I mean purely, 'artist' - the type of 'person', just the 'type', not the person. How can we find out who interprets god correctly? You find out which god fits in with the current rules. I bring up patterns - an artist fits in with these rules quite well - seeing as everything is a pa
  4. I see a reoccuring pattern. I think you claim that ad hominem in every religion topic at some point. None of his points were valid, they're beliefs/false interpretations. That's like me saying, "God exists," - to which you reply, "No he doesn't," and then me debating and you clearly saying "You're ignoring contradicting evidence. There is no contradicting evidence, only contradicting to your interpretation. Also he did call religion stupid, using a differen't method, look at his choice of words. Obviously you're biased to his view - well that's unfair, so when I reply with a 50/50 insulting +
  5. That wouldn't be using wisdom then would it sir? It would be using academa - the interpretation I'm meant to follow... The one I disagree with. I stopped that anyway, it's all in my mind now; I'm moving on to proving other things like art and creation.
  6. What you've just produced is a classic technique me and my brothers like to call: "No u!". This debate is possible as we're talking about Religion and Science. So what you've done is completely disregard previous events, beliefs and great people to come up with your own interpretation of what you believe religion is. You've already shown in amongst other threads that you don't take relgion seriously, and that you have a breif understanding of what God represents. You are science-smart, where as I am religion-smart - you're interpretation of relgion is false, where as my interpretation of scien
  7. eleven


    That's unfair on the child. It should be told to the child at an age when they can understand. Not at 20, he/she won't take it well at all. I guess the love from the mother is a good excuse, however it really should have been done before he/she left school. It must be hard/confusing being brought up by two completely different people to yourself - I can relate to my father, as he is of the same blood. If I had a different father I would 100% notice the differences. I would probably be the one asking "Am I adopted?" It's nice of them to adopt, and it really shouldn't be treated as something bad
  8. Evolution is just a theory, it makes sense; however, so does creation by an omniponent. I don't see why one towers the other, seeing as you require the creationist view to even proceed with scientific experiments. Without religion being invented, we would have never proceeded with science. Religion is the backbone for order, initial advancement + control as well as many other important factors to building a civilization. Science basically repents religion, or better said, had repented religion to take steps in learning about creation. Religion taught a religious-science view on life; then in c
  9. I would imagine a baby chicken. It would be better said, what came first, the embreo or the sperm? I'd say sperm - therefore I believe a baby chicken came first. A budding creation - seeing as an egg needs to grow as well. Maybe a baby egg. I can't answer the question >:[
  10. eleven


    Patterns Art + Creation Everything is a pattern - nothing in existence isn't a pattern. A letter in the alphabet is a pattern: "A". Take a second to examine the letter before continuing to read. Moving on, a "Word" is a pattern made from even smaler patterns - for example "Donkey" is just six different letters/patterns. Continuing, a sentence is a pattern made from lots of words and letters - a story is a pattern made from lots of sentences. We seperate the sentences to make the patterns easier to read using 'paragraphs". The body is a pattern, as is DNA. The face is composed of 2
  11. eleven

    Death Penalty

    Destroying Art or Creation.
  12. I think what he's trying to say is could "Google" be as powerful as they are without another "internet" giant next to them. Google is just ahead of the traffic, but without people next to Google, the traffic can just take over. Google/Youtube/4chan, front of the traffic, advertising sites etc, pinging back at the traffic behind them. If it was just google as the internet giant, and was one car in front of all the traffic, surely people would just take over, as one car leaves space to get through.
  13. Create an OS in your spare time, design software along with a few websites gaining some traffic - look for a Job. The best science to pick at the moment, if you use the knowledge correctly. If you understand how a computer works then you can start fighting for control over the internet + systems. Make something that people want, they buy/download it, then make it something they need - example, flash player. At first it was just something people wanted, now most things require it. Work on net-income ($ per second) rather than annual. Build it up as you go along. You can do a lot with that man.
  14. Sea, Land, Air - In that order? Sea + Air > Land - Or in this order?
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