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  1. What's so great about the nonspecfic immune reactions that prevents diseases? In other words, how come the bugs don't win all the time? What is it about the communication system in this part of the immune system that makes the reaction so comprehensive? Any thoughts?
  2. Question... can anyone help me in describing the general complement reaction in terms of a cascade. Also what is the end result of complement activation? and what are some of the other functions of complement components? I appreciate any help. Lp
  3. Could anyone help me please.. I understand that virulence factors are a microbe's structures or capabilities that allow it to establish itself in a host and cause damage. However what are some examples of virulene factors in gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria, viruses and parasites. Can anyone help me with this please. Thanks in advance for your help...lp
  4. Explain what an allosteric enzyme is and how negative feedback works.
  5. How many net ATP's do you get from 1 glucose after glycolysis? after aerobic respiration?
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