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  1. I think that our lungs and the way we inhale oxygen is not the only problem. The human's skin for example is not ideal for all that water, after some time complications with the skin would develop, also, the human body cannot withstand such pressure, even in prolonged situations a higher pressure than that at sea level can badly affect the human body.I also believe that our body's respones will change, what i mean is that under water you'r going to lose more energy therefore rest more, and that kind of stuff. Your breaking a whole evolutionary process. I'm not saying it's impossible, everything is possible with science.
  2. A virus is not a living thing to be honest, if a is virus found, than there has to be life. i.e. some kind of microbrobes or bacteria, as a virus reproduces in a host cell. I also believe that if life is present certain criterias and conditions must bo obeyed. i.e. temperature,presence of water Also, if life is to be present on a planet in another system beyond that of earth, that planet needs to lie in a particular area, not so far away from the sun neighter too close. That is what is known as the goldilock sun also known as the HZ (habitable zone) such as the earth itself.
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    SOH CAH TOA Sine = Oppostie side divided by the hypotenuse Cosine = Adjacent side divided by the hypotenuse Tangent = Opposite side devided by adjacent *Giving that the triangle is a 90 degrees one.
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