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  1. Well, lord knows the weather hasn't changed here in Newfoundland. Its still the pits : / Just my two cents
  2. I take a strong multi-vitamin twice a day. Don't know what vitamins your taking : /
  3. When i click on "more about the element" nothing comes up. Pop blocker is not allowing me (although im pretty sure its off). I have similar problems on other websites...Anyone know how to fix this? Other then that, nice site! Bookmarked
  4. I volunteer at the local mental institution here and i can say that ALOT of patients there complain about medication. They can't focus, concentrate or even see. They complain that there heads are to fuzzy. All i'll say is that, personally, I would much rather not take the drugs unless my condition was extremly intolerable
  5. From what ive read in this thread, i personally don't think your helping yourself by discussing your "problem." It sounds to me like your amplifying it. It also sounds like your life hasn't been exposed to much emotion. Your mom sounds like someone with little emotion. Your dad is male and thus spends more time thinking/eating food then thinking at all. Your friends may not be very emotional either. But alot of people are, and can be, very emotional beings. I know that my family is extremly emotional. Emotion is a well-liked trait, and i see no reason to block out what feelings you do have. Someone said that you being a female in your teenage is the sole cause of your problem. I tend to agree, however i think theres more to it then that, but going through adolescent IS increasing your emotional awareness. What you need is distractions. Spending all day browsing/talking about your "problem" over the internet is not helping, at all. Neither is seeing a shrink or taking pills. I propose that to increase your well-being a good diet and strong excersise is key. Drink lots of water, eat lots of peanut butter (ie-good foods) and get involved more with sports. I play(ed) racquetball for five years now and the #1 rule to remember in the sport is "Don't beat yourself." I think this is what your doing and down the road your going to get worse if you keep thinking your mentally sick. You aren't mentally sick so stop stringing yourself over it.
  6. Ok so are you saying im right? That a missle that explodes a car would rip anyone in near vicinity to shreds before slamming you against a car? Thanks
  7. Im just using Tom Cruise as an example. I don't care much for how it was done via camera. I'm comparing the movie to real life, and what would actually happen. Explosions are from combustion, and combustion generates heat. This is where im aiming at
  8. I still can't see somebody just being "Thrown" from an explosion. A good link to the effects of explosions would be much appreciated!
  9. is it possible to be "invisibally smacked" from an explosion?IE- MI3 Cruise gets slammed into a car, falls down, and gets back up running. To me, its impossible. Im sure an explosion makes impact with air causing a "jolt" but i would imagine that jolt would be apart of the combustion, meaning intense heat would follow such a jolt. So am i correct that Tom Cruise would have been charred when he was slammed into the car? I just want to clarify, thanks!
  10. I gained 10 pounds this term, from all the studying i was doing.. Its hard to study on a empty stomach.. But then i was really slacking, i picked up on my junk habits which is unusal.. That will change next time Anyways...
  11. concsciousness is our perception of everything
  12. I don't think theres nothing extradionarly different between cells of a penis compared to regular somatic cells of the body. The penis has little to do with the biochemistry your looking for. The biochemistry of the 'penis' takes place in the tesis. Thats where the magic happens, as was mentioned.
  13. Your talking about one cell here.. There are trillions in your body. It takes HIV YEARS to kill only a type of cell in our body. I dont think your putting your questions into perspective
  14. Heres some much better worksheets, practice tests, and answers that are MUCH better then your teachers. I just finished the course yesterday : / (Bad exam btw, im an idiot!) http://www.chem.mun.ca/~cgflinn/chem1051/
  15. Can't say i can help you with the above information but...... I read a book on antioxidants? I read that, uhh, antioxidants really can't be a miracle cure. The superoxides within our body react so fast (within one or two miliseconds)there's no way to FULLY prevent the electron stripping from occuring. Vitamin C didn't work for Palsing : / Well i don't know if anyones read Nick Lane's "Molecule that changed the world" but its a good book. What i found particulary interesting to read was the concept behind oxygen being the lead cause of our age and health degenercy. It leaks out of mitochondria and fuks up molecules within reach. Theres two ways to prevent this. One is with antioxidant's which is the main prevention of these nasty reactions in humans.. But missing from humans is the strong ability to prevent leakage from the mitochondria in the first place. This is what birds have, hence why they can consume so much oxygen. So it would be very interesting if there was a way we could tackle this leakage of oxygen within our mitochondria. Hope this helps, haha
  16. well if i did earth systems/chem i think i can go into a diff major besides just geochem, (which i can probably anyways with the chem background)..Maybe i can do geophysisc? i dont know lol
  17. I was thought joint honours of biochem/chem would be best, but now im really leaning towards chem/earth science because of the great job aspects it got going on. I know this is truly up to me to decide, but some feedback would be great! I wouldn't want to hate myself down the road because of something i didn't know...
  18. Imo, the only reason why we have so little insight into the causes of homosexuality is that gay male/female statistics are too off balanced from the enormous amount of closet gays in society. Do we truly know all identical twins aren't either gay or straight? It could be very likely that one of the twins was gay while the other was a closet. This is just an opinion though
  19. Im pretty sure you can estimate their brain size (and thus their intelligence) from looking at their skull anatomy
  20. I believe the sun is also getting warmer.. Not that this has much of a impact, however, scientists determined that the sun becomes a half degree hotter every century.
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