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  1. Many hackers hack because they like the challenge, not because they are socially deficient or have some other mental problem.
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    Guass, thats the only thing i could come up with too. The only reason i posted it was to see if someone could come up with something else because i have notice that there are some pretty good math people here.
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    e^x=x Anybody got a solution for this? I'll post the solution later, unless someone comes up with a better one and some sort of proof for it.
  4. I think most people know ice is less dense than water but the original question had to do with why the cold water is at the top to form the ice in the first place. Are you saying the ice is formed at the bottom and floats to the top? Or is it the fact that the water at the top is warmer than the water at the bottom but it is still below freezing?(like i said) Or maybe its both?
  5. 15 degree water is warmer than 5 degree water. Just because warmer water is at the top doesnt mean it is actually warm. Hot and cold are relative.
  6. I have always thought it is very close minded to think that all life needs water and oxygen.
  7. Sorry if that has already been answered...I accidently posted after reading only the first page.
  8. How do you have cause without effect? And if we are to discover time travel, wouldn't we know it already from time travelers from the future?
  9. Actually you all are slightly mistaken. Water itself does not conduct electricity. Its the particles in the water that do the conducting. If you had perfectly pure water, it would not conduct electricity.
  10. for a) you could have just set up a proportion...it seems like that would have been easier.
  11. i havent heard of anything beyond string theory
  12. alt_f13, Yeah, i thought you might be joking, but you never know...i have seen posts by kids that really dont know what imaginary numbers are.
  13. you beat me to it fafolone...
  14. No. To solve for y in terms of x means that if you know x you can find y. In your answer you still have to know x and y to find y, so the problem still remains.
  15. Wasnt the very first question to solve for Y in terms of X...In other words get y by itself, Y=???. why are all of you looking for actual numerical answers?
  16. He doesnt mean imaginary like you dreamed it. He means time would not be a real number, because the square root of a negative is imaginary. In other words the equations we use to calculate this would break down at a velocity higher than the speed of light and return an imaginary number. But all that is irrelative because faster than light speed is impossible.
  17. No ghost. Just man. Bad photo. Period.
  18. Umm...MrL you cant just say something like that and not back it up. examples. anyways, im reading Hawking's "The Theory of Everything" right now and its great. I read half of it the first night i got b/c i couldnt put it down. And yes he is very well respected, i would really like to know what MrL is talking about.
  19. Big headache...to many "ifs" that cant be proven wrong or right. what if we are witnessing the begining of the universe right now. who's to say 15billion years is a long time??sure to us it is, but a week(or less?not real big on organic science) is a life time to a fly and and thats nothing to us. talk like this always gets me thinking about the end of Men In Black. Where it zooms out further and further until it shows our universe as just a marble in a bag.
  20. hmm...I don't think i have ever had an easier time proving someone wrong. iglak, you said if i went back in time and changed something that history books wouldnt change because they would have already included what ever i did. ok, here's where we use our brains. lets say right now i am reading a history book on Pres. Lincoln and i read about the part where he gets shot. I decide i dont like this and i have a time machine in my closet, so i go back in time and stop Lincoln from getting killed. Your telling me that the history book doesnt change, and i just got done reading it so i know it didnt include me before. So either the history book would be completely wrong about Lincoln's death or the history book would change. which is it?
  21. this is something i have been ponduring for a while now...sometimes i thinks its possible sometimes i dont. heres what i think right now. we cant travel to the future...it hasnt happend yet. if we could that would mean that our lives have a predetermined path and we have no actual choices to make. but who knows maybe choice is an illusion. we cant travel to the past...it has already happend...i dont care how fast you travel or whatever, it still takes time to do so and that time is never going in reverse. btw, i have a tendencey to change my mind about this topic very often so if i contradict myself later on try to refrain from pointing it out.
  22. windows is the most unstable operating system thier is...Lindows isnt very much better. I dual boot Windows Me (unfortunately) and RedHat 9 on my desktop and only have RedHat 9 on my laptop. I only use Windows when its the absolute only thing i can use, which is when i want to play a game, otherwise its linux all the way.
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