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    I went to Radioshack and the voltage rating is not on there. I even ask the front desk worker and even he doesn't know
  2. jerryyu


    How do you know which compacitor to use? Since on the compacitor it is measured in micro-farad, how do you know how much amps or voltages it can store?
  3. Does a capacitor only releases energy once it's fully charged up?
  4. http://www.inhabitots.com/energy-generating-soccer-ball-brings-power-to-developing-nations/ I am curious about they store the electricity generated by the soccket ball. If they used a capacitor, what kind? Because a regular capacitor won't be able to store enough electricity to light an LED for three hours. A rechargeable battery? How did they do it? Sidenote: according to them, a 10 minutes play(or charge) can generate enough energy to light a LED light flashlight for 3 hours. A capacitor definitely can not do that, at least I don't think so.
  5. Are all I/O Ports ADC? (do all of them have the ability to turn analog signal into digital signal)? If not, how do you know which one can? Also, is there a difference between male header and female header beside the fact that they shape differently? (beside the fact that they allow different peripherals to be connected to it). Thanks!
  6. I have no idea on how to build an external module or even what it is. Do you know any good websites that can help me learn and get started? or how I can get started on it? Really thankful for your help!
  7. Yes, really sorry about my lack of description. I wanted to be able to read the amount of currents produced by the solar panel in terms of digital data. Basically I wanted the solar panel to interact with the microcontroller based on the digital data. it's kind of like how a solar tracker works.
  8. Is it possible for me to connect a solar to the SRV-1 Blackfin through a breadboard? (http://www.surveyor.com/SRV_info.html). Thanks!
  9. I know that expansion slots are for adding additional functions to an embedded system. But my question is, just what kind of things/functions can be added through the expansion slots? Take this one for example: http://surveyor-corporation.stores.yahoo.net/srbaexmo.html ......Is it possible to mount servos on the SRV through the expansion module so that the servos can be controlled by the SRV-1 Blackfin Camera? Thanks in advance.
  10. thank you for bring up the originality issue, i did go back and point out what makes my project unique from what had already been said on piezoelectric security on the last paragraph of my summary and conclusion. Thank you once again, I seriously appreciate you point that out. One more thing though, where did I talk about a 100 watt security system, I couldn't remember and i couldn't find where that's at
  11. It would be nice if someone can give me their honest opinions on my science fair project. Thank you. https://sites.google.com/site/piezosecurity13/
  12. I had been online searching endlessly for the name of the security system that almost every stores used, and that is sending signals to the police station telling them that an intruder has came in through Acoustic Sensors(e.g. breaking of a window).
  13. does anyone understand or know the science behind this? http://www.kcci.com/entertainment/10586523/detail.html
  14. "Buying a piezoelectric transducer can be quite expensive. Two different suppliers I looked at were Face International Corp. and Active Control eXperts. Their piezo-transducers sold for about $100 and $200 respectively. Buying piezoelectric cable is much cheaper. One supplier in the UK, Ormal Electronics Ltd., gave a quote of £2.75 per meter for purchases of more than 2000 meters. Another supplier in the US, Measurement Specialties Inc., sells piezo-cable for $8.00/m for more than 1000 m." http://www.linkedin.com/answers/Sustainability/green-products/SUS_PRD/444508-22603425 Piezoelectric materials like Quartz is a pretty common substance, so the costs of it shouldn't be that expensive. So what's going on?
  15. it's not that much...around .1 volts
  16. I am trying to measure the amounts of voltages that I can get out of dry bones due to their piezoelectric properties. (basically I place the bones in between two copper metal plates with wires taped to the top and bottom of the plates). The problems I encountered was that even without releasing much stresses onto the metal plate i can still get a voltages reading and that number just stay there without me doing anything. And when my hands kind of touches it again, the voltages increased. I went to ask someone and they told me that it might be the static electricity that were built on my hand and that I should touch a metal material before doing the experiment. I did, and the same thing still happen, even after multiple tries. Just what am I doing wrong?? (I also tried putting book in the middle of the metal plates instead,and I was still able to get voltages reading).
  17. jerryyu

    Dry Bones

    I needed to maintain the piezoelectric properties of the bones, which is due to the collagens. So basically I need to maintain the collagen in the bones . I don't really know much about the types of preservative I should use, or the coating. It will be nice if you can give me some suggestions
  18. jerryyu

    Dry Bones

    recently I read an article about students from 1995 using activated-carbon to diminish the bad smell of water that just went through defluoridation(using bone char). Can I also use activated-carbon to diminish the bad odor of dry bones?
  19. jerryyu

    Dry Bones

    A project I'm working on required the maintenance of dry bones over a long period of times (actually as long as possible). But one of the problem that came up was after a few days, the bones started to smell. Is there anyways I can prevent or stop the smell? Also will molds grew on the dry bones?
  20. how is any scientific ideas and innovations gonna spread if seriously every single scientific journal costs like 31 dollars just to read them? (or just some money, not necessary that much).
  21. I read that dried bones obtain piezoelectric properties, and that it's due to the collagen in the bones. Anyway, how do you get the voltages out of the bones? Are u suppose to connect wire to each side of the bone, and when you apply pressures voltages will jump out on the wire?
  22. one more question, is the carbonization process not only take water water out of the bones but also the inorganic substances? and leaving only carbon behind? s even if we burn all the water out, the carbonization process will still not be complete?
  23. jerryyu

    fish bone

    where can i obtain dried and pulverized fish bone? i lived in Fresno, California. i need the fish bones to make fish bone char
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