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  1. Thats what the waste products of cells are...
  2. well what i read is that old organels get recycled by lysosome Also that only oxygen and urea leave cell.
  3. why are organellees recyceed then? also is all matter imported exported or does some stay
  4. OK if organelles are recycled by lysosmes does that mean the same matter is recycled into organelles over and over until cell dies
  5. if theyre recycled would that mean that they dont leave (the inside organlees)
  6. I read that organelles are digested and reused by lysosome.
  7. OK if organelles are recycled in the cell when they're worn out does that mean that the parts that make up organelles never leave the cell???
  8. Also if amino acids that make up organelles etc are recycled within the cell does that mean they don't leave outside the membrane?????
  9. WHich part of cell specifically????????????? Or is it the whole entire cell conscious???
  10. Aren't ions only used by the cell (but arent parts)
  11. So are old dendrites reused in the same way other old organelles are? Also is it true that the only waste products of cells are co2 and lactic acid???????
  12. Also aren't the organelles technically the same ones used since they're recycled by lysosomes?
  13. Self awareness, probably.
  14. OK which parts are consciousness? Is anything known about consciousness????
  15. Which part of neurons is consciousness???
  16. Are they all changed or only when you learn something new, etc.
  17. I read that axons and dendrites are only replaced when damaged. Also when organelles die arent they recycled? And yes I know parts of neurons move around and change.
  18. Are all parts of DNA repaired or some parts? Also what happens to "old" parts of DNA? Also what about nucleolus and RNA? Also are there parts of neurons that are replaced and parts that aren't? Also which part of the neuron produces/receives input? And when do axons/dendrites get repaired?
  19. OK I read that some neurons are in your body for life. Are organelles in these neurons replaced? What about nucleus and mitochondria?
  20. If the neurons in your brain could somehow be activated w/o neurotransmitters would you be conscious?
  21. I read that some neurotransmitters are reused and some are made inactive? Which are reused and which are inactivated? I read that the ones that aren't reused are neuropeptide and acetylcholine. Does that mean the others can't be replaced?
  22. 1. Where do the ions in the neurons in your brain come from? 2. What happens to them, do they just keep traveling around neurons?
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