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  1. Ah, I forgot that expansion isn't movement so it's not based on velocity. Thank you for the answer.
  2. Currently we believe that light travels at C which is constant and nothing can exceed it, so I thought of something that also relates to the expanding universe. Would it not make more sense to say that light travels at maximum speed and that the universe has a speed limit, thus light travels at the speed limit which is C? It would mean that as the universe continues to expand at an increasing rate, it would eventually expand at the speed of light and not go any faster. This would be the reason for the universe to have a speed limit because if one were to travel past the speed of light it would mean that one would eventually outspeed the rate of the universe's expansion thus arriving at the speed of the universe and go outside it. Also, if the universe's expansion exceeds the speed of light, would it also raise the speed limit and allow light to travel faster? Please discuss if this is probable.
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