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  1. OOO, what are these 'other' things you say physicists are working on? (seriously!) JT
  2. I've been pondering, are projects like CERN/LHC wastes of money that would be better spent, IMO, on developing new/alternative energy sources? I'm thinking mainly of fusion. If we funneled all the money we now spend on particle accelerators like LHC and whatnot and focused those funds like a laser beam on developing fusion, couldn't we achieve progress faster? I'm not saying those experiments should never be done, and I as well as anyone am waiting for LHC to be turned on (hoping it doesn't blow us up lol ), but given the current energy crisis (and don't get me started, that would be a whole other thread and probably be in that new political forum), wouldn't the money for these projects be better spent on developing fusion? Thanks JT
  3. And what about the bit on the FOUNDER of Greenpeace? Quoted for truth
  4. "Other", because of the likes of Al Gore and his stupid little schemes(i.e., "carbon offset" bonds and banning incandescent lights), and his hypocrisy. Also, when you say: That's degrading to those that disagree; it's sort of saying that if you don't agree you're not a scientific thinker, etc etc ad hominem.
  5. Exactly. Seems like it would be a lot easier to get at and is very renewable; I think some bacteria produce it.
  6. Does Methane hold any value as a viable alternative fuel? Seems like it would be simple enough to make it into fuel, except that I don't know how efficient it is compared to gas, and it seems rather volatile; somewhere between hydrogen and gasoline, correct?
  7. It's just another attempt IMO by the old Communists (now Greenfreaks) at controlling people. No way would I ever support this being mandated. Come on people, can't anyone see the makings of a police state in this(carbon offset scandal)??
  8. What about computer graphics? I think that field would be vastly affected by quantum computers.
  9. Ninja Meerkat. 'Nuff said
  10. Well you know; And if you want to be picky: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lies%2C_damned_lies%2C_and_statistics Glad you're all enjoying my thread
  11. You guys must be professional thread hijackers
  12. LOL!!! Hmm, I haven't had any dreams in a while...
  13. Well at least it seems we're all willing to discuss it
  14. EDIT: Stupid Google; or the links get broken when it updates or something... Anyway, here's two new links you should be able to find it at: The Great Global Warming Swindle (Search List, look for ones that are an hour or more) The Great Global Warming Swindle(Video) The Great Global Warming Swindle(YouTube Video)
  15. Just thought you might be interested in seeing this, whatever your view is The Great Global Warming Swindle Although I'm sure most of your minds are made up already. Oh well
  16. Wow, so, theoretically, if you could get something high enough, you COULD tap into the aurora?
  17. Which therein lies the problem...if it's PART of space, then it WOULD be impossible?
  18. Yeah that was my first thought...what the heck does gravity have to do with electromagnetism? I think we can consider this idea DISSECTED Thank you (But gravity IS a force right? )
  19. Well, I think it's broke...or I did something wrong setting it up. (In my profile that is, I use Icechat) Is it still on or is it down?
  20. Found this while browsing the net... It's another anti-gravity idea But hey, we've gotta keep thinking right? But anyway I'd just thought you guys might like to dissect it (er, tear it to shreds, whichever suits your tastes ). BTW, did anyone see that Popular Science article on Nasa building their superconductor thing? I haven't seen an article on how it turned out...which I assume means failure but I'd still like to know what EXACTLY happened, if anything. Thanks ~JT EDIT: Er, here is the guy's idea; this is NOT my work:
  21. JTM³

    longest word

    HOW?! Is it just how their naming conventions are arranged? See above. Linky?
  22. JTM³

    Nikola Tesla?

    Thank you all very much for your replies!
  23. JTM³

    Nikola Tesla?

    In my daily web surfing, I've been looking at the Command and Conquer Canon. Command and Conquer is a real time strategy game. The basic story is that Einstein uses a device called a "Chronoshpere" [which plays an important role in the game as a superweapon] to travel back in time and assassinate . All goes well of course, the Chronosphere works flawlessly and Einstein travels back in time, meets , and assassinates him. [in the clip scene of Red Alert they shake hands, and something about the Chronosphere effect is what kills him.] And without getting into a long whinded discussion of the C&C universe, let me just get to my point... In the game [Red Alert and Red Alert 2] devices and units show up bearing tesla's name, such as a Tesla tank, Tesla Coil for base defense[ a large tower that shoots a bolt of lightning at enemy units] Tesla troopers, and a Tesla power plant. SO yeah, with that "short" intro, I've been wondering, have all of Tesla's theories been defunct? [Like his ray, "free" energy and so on.] Was he really a quack? Or have we forgotten some very powerful ideas? Have his theories really been tested to scientific standards or did the scientific community at the time simply brush him aside because he was too maveric for them? Sorry, I'm not read well at all in Tesla, I've just heard that he had some wonky ideas
  24. WHY would you need waivers for a theology forum?!
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