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  1. What are your thoughts on the evolution of Australian Aboriginals. If you believe the out of Africa theory then the Aboriginals ancestors came from Africa and have inhabited Australia for over 60 thousand years from rock art paintings. But what I don't understand is their physical appearance and culture. It is like they are the most primitive human race. There tools and weapons were very basic, their art is said to be primitive, many cultures had no clothes and they never invented farming. Their face is also very ape like. I have been very curious about their evolution, and one thought I had is that they are decentants of homo erectus and because of their isolation in Australia, did no have any contact with homo sapiens once they came to Indonesia (who probably breed or fought with the existing homo erectus).
  2. All of those are the ingredients for how we got here. If one was missing then we wouldn't be like this. That is why no other animal on Earth today could achieve close to what we have is because of our perfect mixture of abilities - curiosity, bepedalism, opposable thumb, social skills and language.
  3. What a scientist needs to do to understand dolphin language is study a pod of dolphins that has a pregnat dolphin. When the baby is born, it will have to learn the pods language and its mother will be giving alot of teaching. This would be a great opportunaty to for us to be taught the language.
  4. The only reason humans are smarter than dolphins is because of our culture and tools. We have hands and an environment where tools can be easily made and used. Plus in order to eat meat we needed to use tools to hunt. Dolphins don't need them. They are perfect hunters, do not have hands, and an underwater environment doesn't have as many tool uses. One huge leap in human evolution and our intelligence is our cultural evolution to building civillizations. This made our social lives much more complex and making us as a species more intelligent. This could be achieved by farming. Dolphins don't need this. They are free in the open waters with an easily available food source. So as a species human are more intelligent but what about as individuals? There are no methods for todays science to truly test how smart dolphins are, but what if you hooked up a human and a dolphin to a matrix like virtual reality world with puzzels and mental challenges and see what happens. That would be really interesting.
  5. Everyone knows dolphins are smart, but how smart? I think thier intelligence could almost rival humans. The more we learn about them the more we realise how smart they are. They are highly social, communicate and have been known to have names for each other, have a sence of humour (they have been found to pluck feathers of birds tails, pull fish by the tail), solve puzzels and reconize their reflection. Sure they don't have tools, but they don't have hands to build them. If dolphins are able to solve often complex puzzels then they are capable of complex thought. They are probably able to think on a certain level and have curiosity. So what are your thoughts?
  6. When neanderthal and homo sapiens met which would have been many occations, each occation would be different. Some groups would fight because of thier differences, others would have befriended each other. I believe interbreeding occured but over thousands of years the neanderthal genes became smaller and smaller.
  7. I think it is possible that apes and monkeys were alive in the dinosaur age. Many mammals such as rodents were around back then and many mammals would have moved to the trees to avoid dinosaurs. This would result in hand and primate evolution. Then it is only a matter of time before monkeys and even apes evolved. Primates had hundreds of millions of years to make that evolutionary step. Remains of chimpanzees, gorilla and orangutan ancestors are so rare because of their habitat. So it would be almost impossible for the dinosaur primates remains to be found after so long. There could even be a possibility that intelligent apes could have evolved.
  8. Ask anybody who smokes weed and they will tell you they like nature. The stereotypical stoner hippies always want to save animals and forests. I began smoking about 3 years ago on a casual basis and since I have taken an intrest in biology and evolution and I think it is because of weed. So you have to admit that there is something in weed that makes you like and appreciate nature. So there is something in the chemical THC that when the brain gets high on it over a period of time it slowing makes you like nature. But is this just a fluke of evolution that this plant gets this unusual chemical or is there something behind evolution...like a god. So how does science explain the evolution of THC in marijuana without saying from random mutations when this plants evolution had a goal. Humans are smart and destructive so marijuana get us high while slowing making our minds appreciate and like nature. And it makes us peaceful. Maybe nature has the key to world peace.
  9. Does neuroscience explain how psychics work? Thier brains must be able to pick up energies and signals that science cannot understand. I think that humans are less psychic than we were years ago. Maybe everybody was psychic a few thousand years ago. Anyway what are your views on a psychic brain.
  10. What is really interesting about thought is that when you think of a song you can think of it perfectly to how it sounds. It is like it is playing in your head. I can't wait for scientists to understand how thought works.
  11. I believe genes don't have a goal. They are just the information about an animal that is kept inside it so when it needs to reproduce it uses its genes to pass it on to its offspring. Our genes didn't have a goal for developing creativity and humor and emotion, etc. They are just traits you get with a big brain. Humans kept becoming more and more social so we developed many things to have a better social life. And being more social also means we have a better chance of survival.
  12. The only reason we are the most powerful animal on this planet is cos we are the most intelligent. There is no mystery in that. But our journey here was not fast, it has taken thousand and thousand of years of learning and great imagination to get to where we are. The reason not other animal has done what we have is cos are social, had hands for manipulating our environment, and big brains to allow us to learn and create language. Maybe to exlain the pyramids is that aliens came and assisted us
  13. Here I want to discuss how mammals evolved. I have always thought that a reptile was forced to hunt at night to avoid predators. Over time its body adjusted and it evolved internal heat known as warm blood. But I am confused about how mammals evolved to grow their offspring inside thier bodies. Maybe one species left its eggs in its body to keep it warm. Over time the egg evolved into a placenta. Any more ideas of mammal evolution.
  14. When I say intellgent aliens I am talking about a mind that equals humans. Basically a species that is like us with technology would have to look like us. I think the human design is perfect not only for primitive lifestyle but also an advanced one. Basically, the only way a species is able to get to where we are today is: - Warm blooded. The body needs internal heat to power a huge brain. So mammals and birds are the only animals that can have a big brain. - Hands built like ours with thumbs are the greatest body part for building tools and manipulating thier environment. Mammals only have these (I think some dinosaurs did to). - Excellent eyesight. Great eyes are needed to work with co-ordinating their hands. And to build things. At least two eyes are needed to alow for 3D vision and displaying colour. All primates have good eyesight with colour vision. - Bipedal. It is not needing for intelligence but in order to build technology and civizilitations the animal needs to stand on two feet allowing their hands free (carrying things, etc). Humans are the only species on earth that meet that criteria. I believe only a species with those 4 attributes is able to build civizilitations and technology. It also needs to be social which is very important. But if it doesn't have one of those attributes it will not get to where we are today.
  15. Well I think that if a species like us evolved but they grouped together and built one civilization, througout time they would spread and build more civilizations but they would be the same race, country and believe the same religion. So they would have ALOT less reason to fight. Different religions a a big reason for terrorism. But they would still have greed (because you need money for civilizations) but it isn't enough for the distruction of the species.
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