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  1. For those of you who may remember me I've been off the radar a little since I moved out of my Uni Home and down country and waited patiently for BT to install a substandard internet connection. - Now they have I'm working on a project and i could do with a few questions answered about your Mobile devices. - Preferably Smartphones i.e. Windows/ Symbian / Palm powered but anyone with a phone should be able to answer these. Its going towards a project concerning productivity using mobile devices and how it is affected by data input methods / interface. Here I’m just trying to identify if there is a case. If you want you could post replies in this thread, email to survey[at]tom-archer.co.uk or request an excel answer sheet. Your answers maybe as free format as you like; if you’re not sure what to put, just put what you think - any help on this would be great Mobile Devce Type; i.e Blackberry, Windows , palm, regular phone - please include make / model Usage; i.e Main Device; Secondary Device ; Usage Type; i.e. Phone, Organiser, both, games, etc. Most useful Apps Operation Type Conventional Button Touch sensitive button (ipod style) Touch Screen Data Input Method Stylus Keypad Keyboard External add-on When you brought your phone were the organisational / office features important? i.e. did you think I could use that for work / college? If yes - how did it turn out in reality? I.e. does it sit on your desk looking all shiny and wonderful but really its easier to use a pencil to take that note Do you often make mistakes when entering Data? I.e. Writing a message / note If yes - why do these mistakes occour If yes / sometimes - are these mistakes easily corrected? i.e is there a simple correction method, or is it just more hassle? If no - no ones is perfect, but you seem to be . . . where do you think us lesser beings are going wrong? - Nothing rude here please! Have you ever been confident with your device’s operation only to be shown by someone else you’re in fact doing it all the long way round? Free for all space! - What bugs you about the general operation of your device? Thank you for your time.
  2. I'd use http://rswww.com/ or maplin.co.uk - though both UK, so if you're located anywhere else that may not help! :S
  3. New scientist is a popular magazine, which to continue being popular cannot go against popular, or in this case, dominant, popular, and gospel 'truth'. Something as sensitive as climate change is especially bad. Imagine the complaints if they dared to think, or suggest different. For these reasons we cannot completely trust this.
  4. There are most certainly people out there pushing mental illness and supporting drugs. This is what happens in a country like the US that makes people pay for their Health Care. - Where theres money invloved everything tends to get alittle skew. This said theres no reason to suggest that psychology is rubbish. I refuse to believe that anyone could deny that people suffer from mental problems, and whilst psychiatrist may not have it completely right, they do have names for problems, along with common symptons, which for many people is a major comfort. ADHD is a different matter altogther. One should never judge parents who put their kids on drungs before they've tried to care for a child with a behavioural problems.
  5. I agree, its hard to prove that there has been a stealing of ideas. So many people out there are capable of creating and using different development concepts that its hard to prove that anything has been coppied from MS. More likely it just happens to be the best way of implimenting it
  6. loads of developers, and a vb.net compiler is free from microsoft these days
  7. Either that or we're meant to believe tim berry is the batman of the internet, googling for people with problems, and fighting boot problems where ever he finds them ... I'm going for spam.
  8. these things are edited to build an argument in favour of the view they want to show. There are no tests for mental illness. Thats because peoples problems are their own and down to an individual and their life experiences. This video has clearly been made by people who've had no experience with mental illness
  9. it seems to me to be the logical way to progress, I'm just not sure its completely possible . . though maybe wondering a little off the quantum computer subject now . . . maybe we should start another AI thread!
  10. definately true, maybe a mix of this and cell processing? The problem is making each cell aware of the entire pattern of thought
  11. I forget the name of the program, but it was shown here in the UK showing theres a direct correlation in the rise of gasses and planet's heat. the problem is its not the way everyone thinks it is, the CO2 in the air increases after the temperature of the planet rises. thats the point
  12. We can't be completely sure of the source, I know theres alot of credentials there but its still from a student, and not a institutional website (university etc etc) - sorry That said I'm on the side of the fence that believes solar flares, and general natural change is the primary reason for increased warmth.
  13. Weighted decisions via analogue quantum states, WOULD prove useful for decision making. Believe me I've had to try program decision making recently and its hard, very hard. But The Cell Processor on the PS3 Is a brilliant step towards fully distributed computing - For one you can keep adding N cells and get N performance increase, normally this drops. Each individual cell may not currently carry the pattern of the whole unit, but its a step in the right direction. Plus the technology is out there and in use, and quantum processing has been a pipe dream for longer than Cell processors. You tend to find that if theres a will theres a way, and someone has finally pushed hard enough for quantum computing, but you got to wonder why the big companines haven't pushed the technology. - Lets face it if IBM, Intel, Toshiba or any big companies wanted to make it commercially viable they could
  14. You should be looking at cache size. Higher L1 and L2 Cache the increased hit rate to local registers rather than RAM or HardDrive. (ram is at least 10 times slower, and Hard drive is 10^7 at least) With Smaller FSB you're creating a bottle neck. your processor will be making 1400 million requests (or there abouts) per second and the FSB could handle 200 million. obvously theres other bus routes, and to be honest thats not a bad or unusual balance, but increaseing the processor without increased mother board capabilities is a slight waste of money. Though obviously you'll get a noticable increase, its just on paper.
  15. Probably shouldn't get too excited. After all look at the Transputer from the 80's that was damn good but died a death . . . . though i hear its been taken up again. Representation of more states simultaniously will make the quantum computer good for algorithms, but nothing for AI. AI . . proper AI not just programmed resonse will take a machine that is split into cells working seperately, but equally aware of the whole in order to think . . . if anything the PS3 is the best jump forward recently
  16. but no other OS requires that much - why does vista?
  17. but to get what you paid for you need 2gb - which is unfair.
  18. Waiting a couple of years is definitely a good idea. Vista has potential - BUT there are some serious problems, the strongest and most common argument is the amount of RAM needed to run the machine. - I've had XP run on 128 MB ok it wasn't the fastest but it worked. Vista needs 1GB, then needs at least 512 MB to run applications - if you do anything remotely heavy like running games, development applications etc etc then you need another 1 GB basically the first gig is used by starting your machine! Now i know RAM is cheap, and not difficult to upgrade but 2 GB is HUGE i have machine still running 512MB and i refuse to buy more! - There are far too many variants, and the cost is far too high. - Digital rights management - though from what i read it won't affect the majority of people, there will be times when i does cause a problem . . . though admittedly i need to research this area properly. un undoubtedly you will own a vista machine one day, lets face it we have no choice - its hard to buy a new machine without it and if you want to remain fully compatible with the rest of the world then you have no choice. **and before Klaynos has a poke at that YES linux is compatible with the rest of the world but people only trust what they know.
  19. Vista's DRM will be the death of windows . . . i'm not sure what the ins and outs are but there is a tight lock down on media content Heres a nice article http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/12/27/windows_drm_monstered/
  20. according to an old man who stands infront of me and talks to for 3 hours every wednesday Java is the future of programming . . . though i hate it, not sure why but I find C easier. Igonore C++ its just Java with a silly hat on. But that could be becuase i've been using it for 3 years, and spent only 3 months trying to learn java (on and off i'm not just stupid!)
  21. Make sure your chemistry knowledge is correct! As/Alevel decide which university you'll end up at people don't want get something wrong due to incomplete / inaccurate knowledge . . . . oh and access whether its worth it, its nice to do something to help others but if the BBC's Bitesize website is better, or even just using Wikipedia then theres no reason yours would be used. Oh and copyright . . . makes sure anything found in books / websites is properly referenced - archenemies really do not take kindly to their work being borrowed without acknowledgement. Oh and know your audience, AS students at 16-17-18 yr olds typically - short attention spans and tend to want instant answers. alot to think about beyond the technical side i'm afraid - good luck
  22. its difficult to explain. Normally Open switches do what they say on the tin, they're normally open untill a force is applied to it to close it. A latch takes a signal high or low and keeps the signal. Apparently its possible to make one with two normally open switches.
  23. it was winter before the logo went up as well
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