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  1. i understand that inside the body the conditions are well suited so that things just get being done. but why i asked this qstn is for in vitro practices. for example if we figr out the enzyme that makes peptide bond formation it could really worth a lot for protien engineering.when watson and his colleagues were figuring out the process of translation their first thought was the enzyme mediated reaction. now we can able to picturise everything. we know it happens in the ribosomes.the research now also proves like there need tobe no enzymes to catalyse the reaction. rna too can do that(ribozymes).until we have more answers we should not jump in to conclusion.if i come across any such i will inform.xpectin the same from u guys
  2. is peptide bond formation a spontaneous process or enzyme requiring one. virtually in translation it is spontaneous one. but, is there a case where the enzymes can be employed for peptide bond formation?can anybody give the name of the enzyme?
  3. well then let's get on with it. first it all depends on how u want T.rex to be as a scavenger or predator? quickly admiral! i'll give u reasons and i'll be interested to go on with this further.
  4. i wud like to answer for 3rd enigma's 3rd question but let's say u want to prove wrong of relativity. how can u do it?the obvious way is to exceed the speed of light scientists at NEC research center and Italian National Research Council of Florence claim that they have exceeded the SOL by 300 times and 7-8% respectively.i don't know much detail abut it. but remember
  5. all along i've bn thinkin like mass would not change in a sense that ,we humans for example made of 44% oxygen so that where ever in space we've made of exactly the same amount of oxygen .That's mass. but to get the potential energy from a substance we mention mass in relation to gravity.as long as we refer mass as kilogram or something in relation to gravity potential energy we derive from them would be dependent of gravity.where i went wrong?
  6. it applies everywhre but it depends on where u conduct ur experiment.say on earth if u wanna get a kilogram weighin object all of its potential energy u can have 9x10^16 joules of energy.but take that same object to sun(just assume u can)i believe u could get twenty eight times more energy than u could possibly get on earth.in short it is gravity ,yes.
  7. well what exactly made scientists to think (rather made us to think) that photon have no mass.is it based on theoretical formula or experimentally proven one? (and for relativistic doppler effect i guess a sqr rt should cum enclosin c-v/c+v,right dave!
  8. u guys really had pretty good answers but mother nature is tremendous. SEDNA had it for me.
  9. All can be counted. there's one more difference b/n frogs and toads. toads have parotoid glands protruding from behind the eyes,secretes thick milky fluid to deter predators. u can never find this in frogs Instead frogs too secrete toxin thru skin pores particularly important species isPOISON DART FROG,of columbia which can able to kill 1000 people at a time and that's one way of adaptation.
  10. thanx for ur effort Mr.nsx
  11. Guys the difference b/n frogs and toads is in the skin texture. frogs have smooth skin while toads have ruf surface.the toads secrete poison thru skin pores which discourages thier enemy. and still there are more differences. I'll cum up with those w.i a day or two. bye for now!
  12. Mr.NSX I didn't get the equation. ps try to send me.
  13. I beg ur pardon YT2095 that figure counts for an hour and not for a second. sorry for dissappointing u.
  14. people say that in a gaseoues molecule particles move swiftly at a rate of 300km per sec. how they determined this. have they used kinetic energy equation to find that?direct me where can i find the information.
  15. Are u saying connecting all the planets gravitational force or the sun alone. because things may look diferrent if taken sun alone than to link its orbiting freaks. in general it can't cum to infinite range how far it can go is the question. the planets and sun are astronomical magnets which has got its own magnetic field range.no matter what. and this is my belief let me know how u contradict Mr......Ljakiri ah one more thing when strung together a big magnet can infinitely hold other small magnets until another big magnet takes away few small magnets withit .same thing happens in the universe as well . but when u want to view the big magnet's magnetic field it wud be different. so like this has anybody taken pain to measure this TRIVIAL case. show me some evidence.
  16. My personal opinion is that there is no challenge against the nature . if u talk of evolution u r talking about genetic material and how the nature (climate ,environment everything) is playing with that element.nature knew exactly of what it is doing. but given that element to us we think differently. we are thinking of doubling our life span .we already had tried and doubled drosophila's life span. stepwise this experiment wud cum to humans as well. on the otherhand wars weapons. we may seem to destroy ourselves.But no If anything dramatic change occurs to our earth we may readily evolve to sustain or be destroyed for that matter which will be comparatively a slower evolutionary trait because our dna obeys nature than we do. all in all if the nature wants us to be here, we can be here. if it does not want us to be here we should go and there is no point in arguing whether our behavior affect or effect our evolution. nature selects everything and gives it enhancement. we should remember that we r on the mercy of it.RIGHT! this is nothing like philosophical this is real.
  17. When we talk of escape velocity of an universal object we mean to say of the minimum velocity needed by an object to escape the gravitational attraction of that universal object. right? say for ex. an object from earth must need a minimum velocity of 11km/s. so is this velocity applicable only for objects trying to get away from the earth or is it applicable for objects coming towards the earth. to make it simpler let's imagine of a meteor coming towards the earth at speeds more than E.V .can this meteor able to maintain the same speed till it reaches the earth. (VELOCITY how scientists expain it in this case. i mean is it unidirectional?)
  18. will the genetic code for identical twins affect their thumb impression? if the genes coding for the identical twins are same then this may be the cause for the same thumb impression isn't it? and because of this there may be difficulty in the forensic findings.
  19. So shall we infer this way Swansont,that any object in the universe has got its own potential energy?
  20. To put it simply can you guys give me the sun's gravitational or magnetic field range overall. I mean let us not consider an object that could disrupt sun's gravity so that we can able to calculate its full range of gravitational field. Just like planets having gravitational field.
  21. Let us consider a molecule of carbondioxide.This is a covalent compound where the valence electrons of the oxygen and carbon atoms are fulfilled. There are still 4 electrons for each oxygen atom in their outer shell. so,where do these electrons can revolve around thier orbit if the bonded electrons block thier path? ARE THOSE ELECTRONS IN THE OUTER ORBIT ACTUALLY REVOLVING? (I'VE TAKEN THE SIMPLE COMPOUND FOR EXAMPLE U CAN TAKE WHATEVER COMPOUND U WANT) clear my IGNORANCE.
  22. On earth the rate of energy obtained from the sun is c.170000 mega joules. Now, does earth consume any of these energy for its rotation ? Or is it rotating due to sun's gravity and rotational speed?
  23. If an asteroide or any spherical object is found after the pluto, can sun be able to hold this object ?Is gravitational force of the sun extend up to pluto only?
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