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  1. is this explaination right? I am a little confused about what the "results" of a titration is supposed to mean..can someone make it more clearly.. "Increase in volume of the acid in the flask has no effect on the results of a titration because since titration reaches its equivalence point when the number of moles of acid equals the number of moles of base, increasing the volume of acid simply means more volume of base is required for the titration to reach its equivalence point."
  2. what do nonprotonated and protonated mean?
  3. i have some quesiotns about equlibrium..i have a test coming up when an equlibrium system shifts to the left..what is it saying about the forward and reverse reaction rate? reverse reaction is faster since it is shifting to the left? or forward reaction is faster so it has to shift to the left to reestablish equlibrium? maybe im not very clear about the concept...all i know is at equlibrium forward and reverse reactions occur at equal rate..
  4. Fe(OH)3 is a strong base, but it has low solubility..what does that say about its pH? does it mean that very small amount can be dissovled in water, but the part that does dissovle is 100% ionized? If so..is the resulting solution basic?
  5. oh..ok thanks!! so does that mean the stronger an acid the better it is at neutralizing a base? but weak electrolytes can neutralize too right?..does it have to do with equlibrium?
  6. I am a grade 10 student studying AP chemistry what factors determine something's ability to neutralize? does it have somrthing to do with concentration? or pH? I'm confused
  7. but in order to mee all the criteria..the box has to fly too..as well as the chopstick..
  8. ok..I'm sorry..but I have trouble visualizing this..can in explain more clearly. Thanks!!!!!
  9. no... the teacher emphasized that the thing must be a jumper not a launcher I think there should be some kind of holder where when you pull the string it will be stuck there (the spring being compressed at the same time), and when you release, the thing will jump, but if the string can only be pulled by one person..wouldn't that be not balanced..then the jumper can't jump straight up..
  10. im constructing a jumper (entire device must jump + lands as one piece) that can only be powered by springs and/or elastics.. it has to jump straight up and land with in a 1m x 1m box... so it's basically gravity + air resistence VS spring/elastic forces. Also, it has to be released by one person at least 1m away (ex: release with a string) the goal is to jump as high as possible I am not sure what is the best shape, mass, and material of the jumper I am thinking of making it a rocket shape from a pen..and wrapped it with aluminum foil (because it's more smooth than plastic?!) I think the frontal area should be as small as possible, but should it be slightly rounded or pointy? I am also not sure about how the spring can be conneted and how to release the jumper
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