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  1. light doesn't really end. It persists till it interacts with something else. Newtons laws say that once a photon leaves the sun it will travel till something stops it...and thus if something stops it it will interact with that something...otherwise it will travel untouched
  2. "basic physics"? I think you should look more into the mathematical foundations if you want to ahve a deep conversation with someone about QM or SR or AP. Astrophy->Carroll Ostlie, SR-> noidea,QM-> quite a few good books lying around but the book i learned frmo...crap i can't remember
  3. not a stats question, its a combinatorics question..in your case maybe finite. but i think your entire calculation is wrong. In a circular permutation you always fix one point as always... so lets say you fix 1 luck. L- _ - _ - _ then you no 2 lucks are sidebyside so *2 for the G L-2-_-_ then you need to place a luck L-2-L-_ and lastly you have tlhe last G L-2-L-1 but you have to remember you can permutate the G's by themselves so you must divide by nG! ...inthis case 2! which gives you 1*2*1*1/2! = 1; NOW LETS TRY IT YOUR WAY. 2!*2! for the permutations of the L and G.../2 cuz its a bracelet...not really sure about this one so you get 2!2!/2 = 2 you shouldn't be dividing by 4. you should be diiving by n! where n is the number of one of the 2 types. in etiher case 2! so 2!*2!/2!/2 = 1 but double check why you divide by to for it being a bracelet
  4. yeah spreading...that would be the better word to use...damn physicist terminology. I always say they got the worst wording out there. Like the shortest path realy isn't the shortest path...it should be called the shortest natural path. as for the everything...most would still use the word universe, to differentiate from what we can see they use local.
  5. the local universe(usualy coined teh visible universe) is expanding...meaning that frmo some central point rather than "things moving away by them selves"...the space expands so that things are moving relative to their location. The 2 best analogies that everyone uses is (1)the raisins in a bread made of yeast...The raisins are not actually shifting through the bread...but as the bread expands the raisins move with the space. (2) the dots on a balloon, as air is put into the balloon the dots move (sorry if i made the explanation worst) as for being infinitely large...we are not sure what is on the outside of our local universe. 1) Our universe could just be it(like the bread example) 2) Our universe could be taking over another universe as ours expands. 3) there could be many universes out there..
  6. Do you have Maya or 3DsMax?....or pick up a book cuz they have all the primitive geometries in there like. Then you can fiddle iwth the parameters and count them. V1 Sphere® Cube(x) V2 Cyclinder(r,h) Cone(r,h) N-sidedPolygon(N,r) V3-V4 retanguloid??(x,y,z) Ellipsodial(r1,r2,r3) Splines(eg...B cubic etc) Nurbs
  7. heh, i incorporated artistic genius into the first one...since what they do is kinda like research but not really scientific but still the research what pleases the ear and poetry what pleasese the mind.
  8. 1) RESEARCH GENIUS Someone who has extensive knowledge of their field and can apply it in research or industry or teach it to someone to learn. 2) GENERAL GENIUS Someone who can carry an intelligent conversation of any topic. And not look stupid. 3) STREET GENIUS Someone who can live on any means and get what they want.
  9. pick up any mathphys textbook or look at the site that was provide above
  10. yes but clones are manufactured by researches and twins are naturally produces by humans... morality also comes into play should we distribute clones into different environments...if this allowed then we can study them in research for NATURE vs NURTURE...which leads to is this an amoral issue.
  11. ....method? this isn't a method its error measurement.
  12. not even that high in the hierarchy...when 2 cave men fight over women and food...they first used fists before weapons...and thus improved on fighting each other and developing techniques...then came weapons...then as societies and civillizations grew ...they began teaching it to each other, passed down, finetuned and creative art results in what we have today. Some for leisure physical activities(tai chi) to embody "body, mind and spirit"...others simply for war and killing. What I really wanna know is how kapuiea came into existence... i can see that it probably came from an animal fighting style as some chinese kungfu copies...but I mean the flipping and sweepkicks are awesome.
  13. ...would you want someone to open up your eyeball? or pull it out to get to the retina? Remember alot of experience you sign waivers so the experimenters don't get the blame
  14. cool, my belief is the good old centers of spatial imagery...PC and OL regions and PFC. There obviously is high feedback frmo PC and OL to the eyeball/retinal regions(which would make the effect seem like it shoudl be the eyeball region which is why it would be active) but your theory is still possible. WIth my theory, the retinal regions of activity(like eye movement etc) are caused by the feedbacks from the activity in PC/OL/PFC.
  15. I doubt the experiment would be feasible because of REM, keeping the photographic film would require one of two thigns gluing it to the cornea or using a fixation apparatus which would involve and external (eye being open) or internal may have dangerous effects in cutting tissue around the eyebal. ...plus you wouldn't want hte film to be grown into the eye(as contact wearers are always told to be cautious of) and what type of photons are you theoretically trying to detect...because eye doctors can see the retina but i don't think thats the photons your looking for....are you looking for a reflective image of what people are dreaming for?
  16. used your sincos laws. Find them in your book
  17. chess is a waste of time if you don't work in a lab...but when your a labrat its man's best friend.
  18. linAlg is a piece of cake. and so is applied linalg or linear computing.or scientific computing what ever it is called
  19. Neurocomp2003


    man i shoulda taken the GREs 2 years ago when I was actually studying for it. But depression and dropping your thesis doesn't help. Then I found out they got rid of the logic section which i woulda aced...that think was damn easy. Anyhoo...I'm back on track and would like to know if anyone has taken the GREs within the last 2 years and whether the essay part is hard or is it still apart of the examination. I'm Looking to apply to digipen and CMU(game/computational cognitive science)
  20. my favorite games..AVP2,NHL,EA SOCCER,EA BBALL, RS6, CS/DOD, starshiptroopers, BOMBERMAN Series
  21. what no sports games? no rpg? no party games like bomberman or mariokart?
  22. but isn't bricklaying architecture HEHE
  23. a) there asking why the distance(bond length) of C2H4 is shorter than C2H6....which is because of the forces involving the Hs and also the double and single bond. Must also apply knowledge of valence electrons and stuff. b)HNH its a geometric thing that involves understanding the equal forces amongst the 3 H atoms...(that is equally spaced)... draw this one out and use geometry to get that angle c) SO3,---> just show that the electron sharing is equal therefore identical....SO bond itself i'm guessing is the double and single bond issue again(valence electrons) d) I-I-I, just show that the valence electrons are evenly distributed to both outside Is and that the outside Is don't interact. and there is no polarity(the water molecule isn't linear because of these 2 things)
  24. well do you know what the factorial stands for? its the number of arrangements of a set of distinct objects. Now then 1 and 0 are the foundations of factorial like they are in the number system. so 1! is the arrangement of 1 object which is one. then 0! is the arrangement of 0 objects ...since there are no objects to arrrange the answer is also one.
  25. because i wanna find out the fundamental particle structure. and how the brain works and how to create intelligence. And designing algorithms is fun...the satisfcation that it works is what i aim for whether it be in neural nets, graphics or graph theory.
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