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  1. Hi guys, well if you can't tell from the thread name, ill explain what this is all about. I am studying year 12 physics in victoria, as one of my sacs (Student assessed course work) i need to do an EPI (extended personal investiagtion) on the topic of motion. What this thread is about was if anybody out there with a physics mind would be able to help me with an idea of what to do, you see because i appear to be in abit of trouble. The prac work has to be done this comming Sat 25th of feb, i know i have left it late, but i thought by now i'd have a good prac to do. I was wrong, so i need abit of help. Now a little information on the actual prac, i have 4 hours to do a prac (which i can be one i made up, or an already well known prac) and the 4 hours to write it up in class time. The prac can include anything which is in these topics: * Newtons 3 laws * Kinamatic equations * Projectile motion * Momentum * Impulse * Conservation of momentum * Energy (kenetic) * Energy (gravatational potential) * Work (change in energy) * Conservation of energy * Hooke's law * Elastic potential energy * Circular motion It has been sugested to me that i re-do a past experiment which will be easy to follow and understand so that i can get the best results (this counts to my ENTER score). The idea behind doing a past experiment is that i will know what should happen, and if its a well known one, there should be plenty of outside information on it to help me write a good discussion on it. My school will have most the equipment and data recording instuments i need, and if needed i can buy some simple stuff that they dont hard, but keeping it simple would be nice. Thank you for your input, and please, can we keep the usless spam in this thread to a minimum. -Paronga
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