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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashkenazi_Jews#Achievement This says how population history can affect it.
  2. One of the reviews on Amazon addresses this: "And why, indeed, should anyone take pains to assure believers that they aren't "stupid" when they believe in something without a single iota of evidence? What would we say about someone who professed a belief in fairies or unicorns? Ought we to show respect for such unsupported beliefs? Dawkins maintains that we should not; by respecting unsupported supernatural beliefs, we are enabling the delusion to linger. He proposes that we treat the religiously delusional as we'd treat flat-earthers or alchemists. He offers the world a much needed dose of common sense."
  3. Why would they want to hang out somewhere where they have to wear earplugs?
  4. Also, this means that the universe is just a fixed 4 (or more) dimensional 'shape', with there being no need for anything to precede the universe that brought it into being. If there was no time 'before' the big bang, there was no 'before the big bang'.
  5. I'm assuming they mean that the soul is moving through time as the point of perspective, but this liniarity of time is an illusion according to this theory, there isnt something moving through time literally. You are currently in existence at all points of your life assuming that the past has gone and that the future is approaching, whichever point your perspective is occuring at it will still seem like this. If this person is right and the soul is moving through time, then the soul has no influence over the actions of the body, as our future actions are already fixed. Also we can't have free will because the future is already fixed as it is. This therefore opposes many religions, and not atheism.
  6. How do you think humans reproduced before this? The species we evolved from had males and females, why would men have just dissapeared for a while? also http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=18767
  7. Would this provide reproductive adavantage for an individual? Enough to outweigh the energy/resource cost of constructing such a thing? Even if there were a possible mechanism by which it could occur?
  8. When do you think this has happened? Like Juststuit said you only need it to happen once to start it spreading through their offspring. Several individuals don't need to mutate.
  9. Colour blindness is a mutation on the 'X' chromosome. As for the rest of your post, they're both just as likely to be passed on.
  10. Which is basicly what he said if you bothered to read it all.
  11. http://www.infidels.org/library/modern/donald_morgan/intro.html @ genesis credibility regardless of whether God is real.
  12. No, that guy doesn't seem to understand selective breeding.
  13. Yeah' date=' the artificially synthesized drug modafinil is show to improve brain function. This shows that these types of drug played an extensive part in our brain development. You must be right that our brain development so extensively relied on the consumption of fish because on average people who don't eat them have IQs of less than 10! Yes, we've clearly shown here that at one time our ancestors all ate fish either being fishermen or semi-aquatic and that this applied to all settlements.
  14. Many people who believe God created the Earth still often believe in evolution/common decent. The pope declared evolution real, my late mum was religious but still didnt see anything wrong with the concept. Here at my uni the christian societies debate meeting topics dont have titles like "is evolution is real", instead "does evolution disprove God". Albeit they believe evolution is guided unlike an atheist would claim. Religeous people who deny evolution are often highly outpoken.
  15. Hmm, there's not much point to any of this then really.
  16. That doesn't look like a deffinition of 'exist'.
  17. All I was suggesting is that the universe didn't appear. You were saying that it did. The only point I made therefore differs completely.
  18. By what sensible deffinition of 'exist' does nothing exist?
  19. Don't pretend we're talking along the same lines.
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