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  1. More importantly, I was wondering if you thought it is possible to do what he is trying to do with light. In simple terms, he's using lasers to "stir" space and change time.
  2. Now I don't know to much about this subject, but I would like to see what you guys think about the possibility of creating a time machine according to this video. It explains how it works, but feel free to check out Ron Mallet for more info. http://thatvideosite.com/video/4422
  3. heres a stupid riddle I made up myself - lets see if you can get it : -P How can something be above something, but at the same time, be below it? (Hint: the entire object is above and below another entire object, they dont overlap)
  4. Ok, so there are some creatures in the world that have spikes on them or a poisonous slime that keep predators away. How did these natural protections form in the evolutionary prospective? Wouldn't a speicies die without the protection before it could gain a trait like this? Also, lets take strawberries as an example for my next point. This fruit has no natural protection, yet it is constantly eaten by its "predators". Why has this fruit, or any other common ones, not formed protection to keep it safe?
  5. If we did evolve, how did we change from asexual reproduction to sexual. The chances for a male and a female specieces "mutating" seems astronomically impossible.
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