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  1. A little OT, but I swear this picture from the page that Silkworm linked (very nice, btw) looks like the background in the beginning of Daler Mehndi's Tunak Tunak video...
  2. Really cool... I wonder if Mammoths changed colors based on the season. I know, ice age, "What seasons?!?" You know what I'm talking about, though.
  3. @5614 I think it's a terrible first programming language, unless it's to make you appreciate better ones out there. I admit I learned with QBASIC before embracing C++ and other things. I think Ruby is great, but don't know if all beginners would quite appreciate it. My roommate, who is not a programmer, has picked it up after only doing some Action Script and likes it very much. Glad to hear that you're liking Python so much. What's his name... Bram Cohen suggested in his blog that if one wants to learn to program, one should pick up Python, and if one additionally wants to learn mor
  4. I survive (as in, get by with what Ineed to do) on a cocktail of various herbs. I's helped me a lot, since I tax my physical constitution a lot with my decadent habits. Here are some of the better known ones (others are weird Chinese herbs) as well as how much I usually take every day: - ginko biloba 40mg - 500 mg Omega-3/420mg DHA - SAM-e 200mg (this is a bit expensive) - Palm Ester-C complex, 500mg x 3 - Chrysanthemum Tea x 3 cups (I take it as 8-treasures or Chrysanthemum+Pu Erh, but whatever) I also drink a lot of energy drinks with Panax Ginseng and Guarana, which for me work
  5. One of the other three refs on the field saw it on the field, as opposed to the big screen and even though Elizondo didn't, and then reported it to Elizondo. This is what the press is saying. If you don't want to believe that, I understand; I don't always believe the press either. But do you mean that in the rules you can give people ultrahardcore headbutts during the game if the refs aren't watching...?!? If you are right, that is remarkable.
  6. I liked France too. But please tell me why they deserved a penalty kick that didn't go over the line.
  7. I'm happy that Italy won, they really worked hard. Good game good football/soccer. Well except for a certain... Yeah, way to go into the retirement, trying to show the world that France is gangsta. Or something. I guess he's retiring from having sponsors too.
  8. Perhaps not the best, but the recent Sprite Ads have been very strange and amusing. @The Thing: I like those Jose 10+ commercials too! The long version, as usual, is the best. Oh I miss playing soccer/football very much. It makes me want to buy a ball, rather than shoes, though... I can't even remember: was it an Adidas commercial? Ah well.
  9. I would like to see Zidane retire with a win. Also, go Henry! Fight Racism!
  10. I wonder if a variation would have a market for athletes as some sort of performance-enhancer. Or perhaps an anti-hangover agent? My knowledge about such things is limited, however... any insights? Feel free to crush my ignorant little inquiries if you will.
  11. I find the idea of shooting up tomato hilarious. I understand this is a distortion. Anyhow, I hope they continue making progress with this. I hope I live to see a successful vaccine against AIDS, and the special extra bonus will be the befuddled faces of those crazy "AIDS is punishment by God" people.
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