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  1. Ok, here goes, Hi, as you can probably see my name's Dec, I'm 13, and this is my first post, now, to the question. I'm currently in the process or writing a novel, and even though I'm quite gifted in terms of intelligence, I needed a bit more than common sense and, lets say, maybe a GCSE level understanding of science (No modesty here.) to answer this question. In my novel, two different species were originally descended from a common ancestor, but not in a slow-process such as evolution, now one individual of each species at some point in the distant future, come together and reproduce, and "create" my main character, my question is, is this possible, because if it is I'd like to have an explanation of some kind for it. Another question I have is, is it possible for each species to carry a gene that when brought together, enabled the use of dormant or vestigial organs (correct me if i'm wrong, I wasn't sure if vestigial was the right word) which would otherwise be useless? As you can see I have a massively overactive imagination but I also like to have explanations for things, so thank you in advance or your answers. Thanks, Dec
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