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  1. i hav eye problem right from birth,i cant see sunlight ,during day time i cant walk out freely i hav to wear ordinary sun glass(cooling glass) to manage to some extent we consulted with doctors ,they told its genetic problem(because my dad and mum are close relatives when married) but my brother doesnot hav this problem plz someone help me in improving my eye sight.....
  2. jehovah

    net speed

    my internet connection is via cellphone ,its transfer rate is only 112kbps ,i need help to increase the speed of it like using some softwares without investing money,can anyone help me?....
  3. i hav a problem in my dvd drive it can play only DVDs but it cant read CDs,mp3s,CD,so even i formatted my system ,still i hav the problem ,plz help me in correcting it.....waiting for the soon reply.....
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