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  1. Ever wonder what its like, to hallucinate? Have you ever been on acid, or shrooms? If you would like to hallucinate and trip out, SAFELY, then i suggest you contribute to this experiment. I do not know if this is legal or illegal to post this, but if any mods out here are disturbed by this please tell me and i will remove this thread right away. Now, when i say "Hallucinogenic Drink", i mean not some fancy chemical reaction and atom bonding w/e. I mean EXPERIMENTING. Like, mixing drinks to other drinks to make a hallucinotory effect. Say you mix Pepsi with Red Bull (this is just an example it does not really work.) So, experimenters, be ready! Find any beverages out there that you would like to mix and see its effects. Also, if you would want to put some more effort, you can read the ingredients and decide yourself which will work and which will not. Heres some drinks to try. red bull Pepsi Coca Cola Sprite 7up If u have others, feel free to post them. I have not yet found a drink that mixes to another drink to induce hallucinations. I am still looking for it..and i hope you contribute. Have fun and be safe
  2. http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/pfk/pages/item.php?news=911 wth?
  3. Like in resident evil, doom, 28 days later, etc. All those movies are about zombies and about mutation. Is it possible to mutate into a monster? Like exposed by radiation, viral infection, etc. This may be a stupid question to you, but im just curious.
  4. your help is here. http://www.google.com
  5. Hi i have some questions on this drug. I heard that ecstasy could cause the user to have love feelings. first of all what kind of love feelings? like the one between a man and woman? when the drug wears off, does the love feeling go away or what can we do to the person using the drug, to make the love feeling stay? Why does Ecstasy produce love feelings? Whats the science behind it? When the person taking ecstasy began to feel love, which other person will she love? Like for example, the first person that she sees after the drug takes effects, or the person that gave her the drug to produce the love feeling? help is appreciated thanks
  6. Like what will they look like in the future? Like predict a boy that is, say, 11 years old, and predict what will he look like 5 more years and stuff. Is there anyway?
  7. I read from a user named "hw help" that inspired me to do some research myself on how to induce hallucination. I came across with this. Kneel down and take 5 deep breaths, or 30, or 100. Stand up then hold your arms to your chest (kind of like what a mummy does) and press on it lightly. This is suppose to induce a short high, and mild hallucinations. I do not know if this method is effective or not, and i do not take credit for this. It was written by someone on totse.com Can anyone provide a scientific explanation on how this works?
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