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  1. Remember when you could get that free USB dongle from microsoft ? it sayd to wait 2-3 months for it to arrive... i havent seen mine yet.. anyone recieved theirs ?
  2. The size of you penis and the relationship beetween the you fingers are connected these are also connected to your performances in sports... i remember one test where a guy had to decide who was best out of an entire football team just based on thier hands. he chose 4 people of witch 3 where picked for the young talents teams.
  3. well magic happends in the Penis DNA strings... cos.. you cannot just pump something full of blood and then it will become stiff like that. Normal DNA tissue crosses with an angle of about 45 degress for most bendability. But when blood gets pumped into the Penis the DNA tissue changes and then it crosses at an angle of exactly 90 degress that makes sure its not so easy to bend. But that tissue cannot be made again so if you damage your penis to much in one place it will start to bend because the new tissue that your body has builded doesnt have changeable DNA tissue.
  4. they ship worldwide i am from denmark and that was listed.
  5. so have any1 recieved thier USB-key yet ?
  6. .Class = a compiled java file... just use an java decompiler..
  7. A little help for Level 2 then. You are all looking in the start of the file(as far as i have understood from all the post ive read.) a HTML file is parted in 2 parts <head> and <body> <head> is used for the style,fonts,prompts and other things that need to be preset to make the site. <body> are used for loading the site with pictures, text, tables, and in the case of level 2 a flash file. so search the body for scripts... and check the other hints we gave at the site, then you should be able to do it with ease. for level 3. thats a prompt password witch means its contained in the <head> part of the HTML file. ps. beware of traps look out for "<---" that sign means text is to be ignored.
  8. ok i give up for Level 5. RyanJ any hints ? i tryed using Winhex and looking for the answer in the Ram but i couldnt find it. Maybe i am just blind?
  9. strange, i cant even open the file i need to put the password into. and i too run 64 bit. I´m going to look at it some more and if u still fail. Can i then pm you with what i was doing ? so you can say if i am right or wrong.
  10. RyanJ is it possible to do level 5 without having 16-bit support CPU ?
  11. level 3: no need to disable JS.. you can use your browsers stop button... for level 2: the hint is like i told you "you need to open an file with notepad" a big hint for level 2: .swf
  12. Thats because its a decoy password... you need to search deeper... hint: ever tryed opening an .exe file in notepad ?
  13. ok level 4 is done Level 5 is a Visual basic program that wont open on this comp i think its because my CPU dont support 16-bit so i am gonna rent my parents or my sistas tonight.
  14. lol.. no ill be happy to help..
  15. well level 4 requires a 40 meg download or so for me in not installed java files so you will have to wait with an update on that
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