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  1. I have noticed that there is a UV light inside the tank of our water cooler at work, and was wondering what the benefits of this were, and how they occured.
  2. Is it possible to link my computers so that i can have all of their power comined in one?? I have heard about distributed computing, and was wondering if it was possible to set some sort of system up at home.
  3. cant take the hard drive out, i dont think, i am linking a laptop to a pc, so i dont think the pc's hard drive will fit into the laptop
  4. I was just looking at the home page, and i noticed that most of the people on this website are spiders. i know what a spider is, but that is about as far as my knowledge goes. Are they deployed automatically? Do they move? if so how do they decide where to stop, and when to go? A bit more info would be appreciated.
  5. what would happen if you were to poke a black hole with a very long stick? it might sound like a bit of a stupid question, bit i am being serious. Going further, what would happen if you tied a rope around the earth, and then threw the rope into a balck hole, would we get stucked in? I suppose the rope would snap really. OK what if the string couldnt snap. Anyway i think you can see what i am trying to get at.
  6. one fungus, lots of fun-ghee fun-guy is the american pronunciation of the plural
  7. I am thinking about building my own computer, i have what i would call an intermediate understanding of computers but want to know more. Having never built a computer, but seen a friend do it, it seems relativley straight forward. How difficult is it to link to processors to work in parrallel, is it stupidly difficult and am i being stupid by even thinking it could be a possibility on my first self-built computer.
  8. taylrl

    dark energy

    As all atoms are probably 95% vacuum, that makes us probably 95% vacuum, so why isnt dark energy accelerating our expansion in the same way it is supposedly accelerating the expansion of the universe. Is it only an effect of cumulative vacuum, or are we too expanding at the same rate, but cant notice it as everything is expanding at the same rate. If everything was expanding at the same rate, then we wouldnt be able to notice the expansion of the universe. I am confused.
  9. i was just told in a thread i started, that apparently particle/anit-particle pairs are constantly being created and destroyed in the vacuum of space, so i suppose that means that there are a certain number of particles wherever you are. Just thinking about it, if a particle has enough energy to escape earths gravity, then it will travel off into space, i am sure that must be happening quite a lot, so i suppose there must be particles from some source in deepest space.
  10. taylrl

    black holes

    where do the particle/anti-particle pairs come from?
  11. I was wondering if it was possible to connect 2 computers, one using an internet connection to the others LAN point. Basically i want to use my old comp as an external hard drive for my new comp. they both have USB ports, but linking them via these requires software i dont want to have to buy. Only one of them has a LAN port, and the other only has an internet connection.
  12. ok ill try again to explain.... Why do any of the laws of science, be them from classical or qauntum physics, biology, or chemistry? His answer was that they dont apply per se, all we can say is that they have done in the past. This implies, that there is a possibility, (albeit unbelievably miniscule) that everything could just disintegrate.
  13. oh really insane alien, that helps with my understanding somewhat, but what i they number is 30 orders of magnitude or even larger, that is a lot of numbers to look at and see that they dont work.
  14. taylrl

    black holes

    so if black holes eventually evaporate away, where do they evaporate to? I am sorry, i dont really know much about hawking radiation, what does it consist of and how is able to escape the gravity of a black hole?
  15. I asked this question to somebody once, and their answer was that they dont, all we can say is that the have in the past. does this mean that theoretically we could say that the whole of existance could just disintegrate at any given moment?
  16. isnt the search for a formula for calculating prime numbers one of the great mysterys of mathematics, no wait i might be getting confused. I think i the mystery is the way of telling if a number is prime. Dont worry i will hopefully regain my sanity soon.
  17. so what is it that causes these lagrange points? Ill just google it
  18. At what point does the effect of earths gravity become zero, and why is it such? Surely at all points in space you should be able to feel some effect (albeit negligable) of gravity. If the effect of gravity does actually become zero, then is there a formula linking the distance you feel zero gravity at, to the mass of a body? I think I might have studied such a formula at school, but i cant remember it. Why isnt the moon on a collision course with earth?
  19. Silkworm sees my point..........hallelujah.....sorry no religion
  20. if it dosent have a specific location, does that mea that it dosent exist within our conventional 3 dimensions
  21. In theory, couldnt every physical movement be measured in meter-seconds, as we are all actually moving in 4 dimensions??
  22. I am only talking theoretically. What would happen if george bush was to give nasa ten times its current funding. Would a manned mission to mars or even the moon be more likely?? and hence further mankind. what i mean is that we could physically send man to the moon tommorrow, its just that money seems to be an issue.
  23. I suppose your opinion on that will be determined by how you feel about quntum mind theory. Is conciousness itself a result of quantum interactions?
  24. I am not denying that there is huge funding for science, its just more of a thought i have had. I mean i feel that there are a lot of things in the world which arent neccessary for example entertainment systems etc. If people could have enough food, and housing (so some people would have to be employeed in that, and all the relevant spin-offs), but everyone worked in reaserching and developing new technologies/medicines. then in theory it is possible that we could be a lot more advanced than we are now. I feel that our development as a race is directly proportional to the amount of money spent on it. This i feel is strange as money hasnt always existed and so is a thing which man has created to serve a very valid purpose. Isnt it strange therefore that man has created a thing which a lack of having, inhibits our development.
  25. could you not get an incerdibly powerful magnet to induce a current in a coil from some distance??
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