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  1. Try the Pool suply store and thats not really that pure.
  2. I looked at the Graham Condenser on United Nuclear and it said it would Make or concentrate acids. http://www.unitednuclear.com/other.htm
  3. If I had sulfuric acid in a Graham Condenser and adden Limestone it would become more corrosive?
  4. You could find sulfuric acid in car batterys but I dont think that it is very pure.
  5. CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENTS MATERIALS REQUIRED: Ammonium Nitrate Instant Cold! Mix just a small amount of water with Ammonium Nitrate, and the temperature immediately drops to near freezing! Make your own instant Ice Packs! An easy and surprising experiment. I got this from United Nuclear. http://unitednuclear.com/experindex.htm
  6. Thank you for seeing things my way. I am a really safe person. I only pop M-80 when no one's around.
  7. I met that lady from twister (bill paxtons wife) at chuck-E-Cheese.
  8. If there was a black whole the size of a marble on earth, How fast would it consume us?
  9. I meant like most corrosive. And I do listen to advice and I dont do stupid things. I plan to study Chemestry in College. I only asked this question to be informed.
  10. Whats a Kewl? And what is the most powerful acid?
  11. What would happen if the earth would be pulled into the black hole. Would we die. Or would we turn into spaghetti?
  12. United nuclear is a very recourcefull website. It has cutting-edge lasers and uranium.
  13. But not if you do it on your little piece of Land or Mexico.
  14. Thats gotta suck. But how come people in the U.S. have gotten it if it originated in Africa.
  15. Everything put on earth is here for a reason. God (if you belive in him) put Marijuana and all those other products here for a reason. No drug should be illegal. Just people who are under the influence should not be allowed to use machinery. They made breathilizers, Im shure they can make weed detectors. But some drugs should be used as a way of getting the truth.
  16. Today my science teacher told me that the concentrated spinal chord acid can burn a hole in cement. But what about Hydrofluoric acid?
  17. He He....... Whats wrong with trying it. Everyone is curious.
  18. How do you make an extremely corrosive acid with houshold items. Wanted to see if I could burn a hole through cement and other strong items.
  19. Why is it so deadly. What vital organs does it attack. I want to know! Thanks ---Diego
  20. http://www.thefleshfarm.com/facesofdeath/fod1pre.html Watch the video and about half way in you will see a cannibalistic cult eating someone. WARNING: Video also depicts people and animals being slaughtered.
  21. They also made them work for long hours. There was also a woman who asked for more food on Yom Kippur (a jewish fast day) the Nazis stuck her upper body in a oven and beat her loewr body. She fainted, they poured water over her face and hit her with a blunt object 20 times. She fainted again and they hit her 20 times again. All that while being in an oven. As you can see in my 7th grade History Fair project: http://www.projecth.bravehost.com/ ---Diego
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