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    I entertain the elderly with dancing and magic
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    Physics -- Classical Mechanics, Relativity and Modern Physics
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    I was a caprine animal in my previous life
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  1. im not a physics person ... i just read up on what im interested in soo i dont know how else to ask the question ... cant you just give me a hypothetical answer or an opinion ?
  2. its a constantly debated topic ... some scientists think dark matter is in the form of massive objects ... such as black holes ... that hang out around galaxies unseen ... other scientists believe dark matter to be subatomic particles that rarely interact with ordinary matter ...
  3. dunno if this has been covered before .. lets say your sitting in a train ... the train is moving at the speed of light and there is a mirror in front of you ... you cant see your reflection because the light that bounces of the mirror would have to travel at twice the speed of light to get back to your eyes ... soo what do you see in the mirror ... and another question ... can you even see the inside of the train, or your hands and feet when travelling at that speed ... cause it seems all the light in the train should be moving the same direction or something like that ... so it cant hit your eyes for you to distinguish anything ...
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