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  1. Those who does not understand the language of mathematics are illiterated to read the book of universe. ~~Galileo
  2. I KNOW calcalus, it is just that I am not interested in it.
  3. Thanks. If it is Canada, what kind of exam I have to sit for?
  4. I am from Malaysia and i would like to get in chemistry field. So which U is good at chem?
  5. I am a science student but i found no interest in calcalus at all! So can anyone recommend me a book that can get me interested in it?
  6. I would like to know how can I get into an American University, like what kind of exam i have to take, what kind of results i have to get........... Also, can somebody tell me about the school fee for a few American U? Thnx in advance.
  7. Is there an easy way to produce oxygen at home?
  8. huahe

    how to make agar?

    hello guys! Biologist often use agar to plant things, and I would like to know how to make agar...... Thanks for any help in advance.
  9. Of course. For example some scientists have found that a gene will make some people love sweeties etc.
  10. Well, I am going to plant tomato, I wonder if it will do. As for fafalone, both wood and urine is free, why not make use of it fully?
  11. Thanks guys. I will be doing the dirty job right now!
  12. Is there any way to convert urine to fertilizer?
  13. Thanks a lot YT! The chalk I mean is real CHALK, which is use to write on blackboard one. So do you mean I just have to crush the chalk into powder and spray them into the soil? I wonder if that will make good food for my tomato plants. Anyway, thanks for your introduction.
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