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  1. Is it the physical form we take or the level of consciousness we have attained that distiguishes us from primates? Sure form is a part of the distinction, but I feel consciousness is the contributing factor. That said, wouldn't taking on a more "primitive" form conceal the intelligence of that being, in the end making us more advanced to on lookers, i.e. us. If we as an existing species viewed apes constucting shelters (more advanced than a leaf or nest), growing crops or using sophisticated tools, we would still consider them a more primitive species for their body construct. I am most probably wrong in this sense due to scientific classification etc. but this is how I believe people would react. I am basically describing "the planet of the apes", although after humans instead of replacing them.
  2. manipulation makes sense. as in you cant control variables in evolution because theres too many to calculate. so if the conditions were right, i.e. the next generation had begun to mutate, i could control/manipulate certain aspects of were that mutation is heading. Perhaps not perfectly to follow a specific path what sort of conditions are we talking here?
  3. Sorry its been awhile. if i cant de-volve is there still the chance of evolving into an intelligent fury tree dwelling monkey. i find the hypothesis rather appealing. Surely evolution can be forced, if one consciously puts themselves in a position of extremites and plans to stay for the change. An interesting thought though, wouldn't you say?
  4. What if the evolution of man was planned? What if the very apes of our ancestry were merely conducting an experiment into evolution? Is it not possible that as conscious beings on the dawn of evolution, a portion of the ape race diverted from the tribe to breach more extreme habitats in search of a greater understanding. With not so much as a control variable we may have embarked on one of the strangest journeys possible, the journey to another species. Could returning to a "primitive" state be what scientists have sought since the discovery of the homo sapien/sapien. Are WE the missing link, merely on an elongated road to a higher intelligence and back? If we weren't meant to de-evolve why then, for tens of thousands of years have we kept instinct and primal urges. It's a predisposition for survival, especially since we'll drop a few notches in the food chain. Imagine a world of gigantic trees with crops and free range animals, lakes and streams. All overlooked by tree top cities made of huts, accessible by vines and branches. Medically and socially advanced, able to communicate, travel and comprehend beyond our primate cousins, (that is unless the apes are just playing dumb, while observing our every move). By the by, I have absolutely no basis for the hypothesis above. Then again thats all it is, a hypothesis. If i can call it that.
  5. imagine an entirely "natural" transportation device devoid of emissions apart from the oxygen freely supplied (gives a whole new meaning to "free air"). it could meen a cut back in certain mineral mining, including the silicone extraction for solar panels and microchips. Sure a tree may not have the best energy supply but if we did take "the path of God," would it be possible to, up the anti on the trees photosynthetic recepticles (or what ever they use) and storage system? allowing the driver to tap into a greater power source. A solar panel may have a greater power out-put, but it is limited to use during the day (not including batteries) and cannot be sat in, nor can you pick fruit or the like (I'd love to see people whizzing to work in a tree, picking breakfast of each others cars during rush hour, having a chat) Genetic engineering is probably the most surefire way of mapping out a plant with raised photosynthetic and storing abilities.The plants cab and aerodynamics will need specific designing according to terrain and weathers Not my first choice, but hey its just a theory right. Do larger/wider leaves acquire more photosynthesis?
  6. I was sitting on my balcony this morning, having a merry old chat with my flat mate. When all of a sudden, I had it. Can a vehicle be built out of organic materials (preferably still alive); given intelligence via genetic programming and/or molecular computers. Then given locomotion by the intelligence in said organic materials, (probably some kind of plant, built/grown to purpose). What is the most likely form of motion from an ordinarily stationary life form, i.e. a tree. Is it potential energy stored in curled limb/s around a central axis, to give forward motion to wheels within the structure of the vehicle. Or could energy be tapped from the plants own resources? I haven't had much experience in this subject, so I hand it over to you, the science community that has advanced our technologies thus far. Perhaps I can help with the next step. By the way, I'm not sure if I should morally object to my own idea. It is a tad too close to playing God for me. Meh, we're only human, what do we really expect to achieve.
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