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    biology project

    hello, i am starting a biology project on homeostasis. I am soppose to find a subject, i was thinking on doing it on the brain or nervous systyme, but that is to general. Could somone help me specify or give me a idea on what to do my project on? and also their has to be alot of information on the web about the topic. thanks, much aprreciated, James.
  2. hello i am in grade 12 advanced functions and i help with this trigonomatrie question. prove: Sec^2(teta) + cosec^2(teta) = cosec^2(teta) x sec^2(teta) for the first step i picked the left side to prove, 1/cos(teta)x 1/cos(teta) + 1/sin(teta) x 1/sin(teta) is this right? could somone help me wit hthe next step thanks.
  3. so the energy loss of the electron going down a orbit is givin of through a photon?
  4. in the interaction of what? is it the energys of the orbit and electron that gives off throught photons?
  5. thank, but how does the photon get emmited? does it just brake apart from the electron?
  6. when a atom goes into the quantum transition by the electron jumping down a orbit, a photon is emited but wher does this photon come from (the laws of conservation of mass) and how does it get the signal to jump down a orbit?
  7. what exacly is the +2 oxidation state? and what purpos does the hypo infront of hypochlorate stand for? thanks
  8. could somone tell me the chemical formula for polyehtylen glycol and calcium hypochlorate ive heard a experiment of it but i cant find the chemical formula for it to do the stoeichemistry. thanks
  9. yeah but i need to get some in a solide state
  10. were could i get some potasium iodid i have a science experiment to do ( elephant tohtopast) and i need some potasium iodid any suggestions
  11. how can i get it in a high percentage tho like betwenn 90 and 100% pure
  12. how can i make hydrocloric acid
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