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  1. I know alcohol can distrupt REM sleep but I cannot think of any logical explanation for why this happens and its wierd becasue I never seem to have nightmares anytime else.


    I think maybe you just answered your own question. Now this is just theory, not based on personal experience, but maybe the nightmares are a side-effect of your body trying to rid itself of what it perceives as a poison. Alcohol does react in the body like a poison, after all, even if a very mild one. Not all dreams have meaning, some are just mind-dumps (think trash dumps), so maybe it's just really nasty mind-dumping. *shrug*

  2. 15 chapters :/ eh .... well .... well .... if i read it, and help you out with the psychological states of the particular killer prior and during his psychosis you DEFENITLY OWE ME!


    :eek: hmm... well... I think I can handle that! lol


    So how would you like to send it to me? Email?


    That's the usual way, yep. It's in .doc format. PM me your email & I'll send it to you. Thanks again!!!!

  3. Hi guys... yes this is my first post but I was impressed by what I've read so far, and I'm in need of some outside opinions. I have a book I'm working on in three sections. The first section is done, but before I can proceed with the next part I need some help and I have no background in psychology myself other than a single high school class. :P My book is about a schizophrenic killer and the woman he takes hostage. I should say that there are parts that get rather graphic, but not gratuitously. I'll say right now that for that reason, I will NOT knowingly let a minor read it. *disclaimer over*


    So if you're still curious, let me know & I'll forward you my manuscript - and thanks in advance! :)

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