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  1. I think maybe you just answered your own question. Now this is just theory, not based on personal experience, but maybe the nightmares are a side-effect of your body trying to rid itself of what it perceives as a poison. Alcohol does react in the body like a poison, after all, even if a very mild one. Not all dreams have meaning, some are just mind-dumps (think trash dumps), so maybe it's just really nasty mind-dumping. *shrug*
  2. hmm... well... I think I can handle that! lol That's the usual way, yep. It's in .doc format. PM me your email & I'll send it to you. Thanks again!!!!
  3. A little over 45k words in 15 chapters. Actually schizophrenic might not be the right term, I'm not sure, but definitely psychotic. What I'm interested in is the character's mental states post-crisis. Still up for it?
  4. I read pretty quickly, but I've never taken any classes for it... basically taught myself to scan things while absorbing the gist of it. It doesn't work with complex stuff, but it's handy.
  5. Hi guys... yes this is my first post but I was impressed by what I've read so far, and I'm in need of some outside opinions. I have a book I'm working on in three sections. The first section is done, but before I can proceed with the next part I need some help and I have no background in psychology myself other than a single high school class. My book is about a schizophrenic killer and the woman he takes hostage. I should say that there are parts that get rather graphic, but not gratuitously. I'll say right now that for that reason, I will NOT knowingly let a minor read it. *disclaimer over* So if you're still curious, let me know & I'll forward you my manuscript - and thanks in advance!
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