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  1. But as mentioned before what about the cooling system? That heat is going to waste there. After it electronically heats right away then the heat from the cooling system and the exhuats manifold will heat this. The stuff is going to waste anyway so you might as well use it.
  2. Then how come they run cars on natural gas an LP? The dry gas is going to have more surface area so it should burn better.
  3. Vaporize the gas before it hits the cylinders will add greater effeciency. The electric thing is just to get it heated up until the excess heat off the exhaust manifold can take over.
  4. What about using that material and making a pipe that will superheat water or gasoline?
  5. Well I'll pick up a physics textbook from work (I work as the computer guy at the local public library) and start studying. Thanks for your help.
  6. Ok I'm not that good with physics as of yet. I'm only 16 and haven't taken it yet. I want it to run off a car battery that has approximately 540 cold cranking amps. Sorry if I'm not very explicit. If you have any questions just ask and I'll try to clarify.
  7. As mentioned in the title I want to be able to make an electric heater coil that is capable of producing temperatures of 350-400 degrees farenheit with a simple 12 volt car battery? Thanks for the help.
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