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    Well I was originally going to use just laser guns. but I thought it was too typical. plus I thought having big lightning bolts blasting across a battlefield looked really cool. now I'm trying to come up with not only an excuse as to why they have those kinds of weapons, but also how those weapons would work. As realistic as the water thing might be, it just doesn't have the fearful effect I'm trying to capture. but I do like the tesla coil. with some sort of laser projector thing to give the energy a current to follow. makes sense to me. and I consider myself among the average and majority of intelligence. so it should be accepted well enough. But I'm wondering if there would be any reason for the "tesla rod"(the barrel of the gun) to be super long. like an old musket. 'cause that looks cool too.
  2. Cy


    alright then, if you guys think that's realistic in some way then that's what I'll do. but would there be any sort of ammunition for the gun that you'd have to carry separate and reload?
  3. Cy


    Thanks. that gives me an idea. but it looks like I got a lot of research and learnig to do. never was quite good at that sort of thing.
  4. Cy


    I'm back with another strange question. and agian I hope this is the right topic area. I'm wondering if there is any way to cast a lighning bolt. big or small. if so, does anyone know the basic components needed for such a device? what I'm trying to do is create a weapon in my story that shoots a bolt of lightning. but I need some basic idea of how the thing would work so that I know how I should design the look of the weapon. Thanks for being here!
  5. ya but fog doesn't look like the really beautiful clouds you'd see high in the sky. And that's probably a little too low. I'm talking skyscraper height. I need to be able to show building tops standing up into enormous cloud formations. but I don't want to make the buildings that incredibly tall. so I figured I'd just lower the clouds.
  6. I'll tell you all now just in case I have more strange questions that I'm an author and am in the process of designing my own unique little world. What I need in this world of mine is for clouds to be a lot lower to the ground. I'm wondering if there is anything that would cause this to happen, or if there would be any side effects. Thanks!
  7. I can't say how we lost our hair (surely what hair we have left is reminiscent of our ancient fur), but I can say why we have no hair. It was simply fate that took away our hair to force us to develop clothing. just as we have no claws or great strength or speed for hunting. so we are forced to develop weapons as fate intended. we are naturally the weakest creatures. so we create unnatural tools so that we may survive, all based on our natural instincts. the hair on our face and head do keep us warm. or at least it did at one point. and has now become as many of you are saying, a sexual preference.
  8. I hope this is the right forum for this. Either way, I still have a question. Does anyone know for sure, that the horse is a vital link in the food chain? In other words; is there something that primarily lives off a horse? Really what I'm wondering is, is if the horse was non-existent, how would it seriously effect nature in general? Other than we as humans would have nothing to ride (in history that is) to get to the other animals in the world to hunt and capture them.
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