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  1. Any artificial chemical compound in the body isn't good at all. The body has it's own "tool box" but if it only has wore out tools or a limited amount, then naturally the immune system will be limited in it's abilities. " Mechanics are only as good as the tools they have available."
  2. 40 degrees centigrade is VERY humid! Try 40 degrees farenheit or lower the centigrade temp to 20.
  3. Detoxify the cranium by thinking with your digestive system, when the trash is finally able to exit then the brain can finally recall all data stored. Study human anatomy and you will discover there is only one way the human machine (yes, we are carbon based machines) can completely detoxify itself. WARNING !!!!! BEFORE YOU CHANGE THE POSTURE OF THIS SIMPLE, EVERYDAY MORNING BEHAVIOR, YOU MUST CONSULT A QUALIFIED, REPEAT, QUALIFIED MEDICAL PHYSICIAN TO MONITER YOUR SYSTEMS ON A DAILY BASIS!!!!!! SOME PEOPLE WILL NEED TO BE MONITERED THROUGHOUT THE DAY, DIABETICS, HEART DISEASE PATIENTS, CANCER AND AIDS VICTIMS!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT TRY ANYTHING WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING YOUR DOCTOR!!!!!
  4. Our current motors and engines operate by two-dimensional design. Therefore, the third dimension is wasted energy (commonly heat). Once you have figured out how to design a machine that operates in all three dimensions simultaneously, then gravity will work for you; silently, effortlessly, and without creating heat. Get my drift?
  5. There is no such thing as anti-gravity. That's like thinking there is anti-sound or anti-light. The electromagnetic spectrum is always around us, and if it were ever turned off, we (the Universe as we Know it) would no longer exist. If the Earth's temperature were absolute zero, there would be no gravity, we wouldn't need it. As a side note, there is no such thing as perpetual motion either, but we Can utilize (harness, if you will) gravity for our energy needs. We don't need the elements to work for us.
  6. Get a simple toy crystal radio kit at any electronics hobby store. Assemble it per instructions enclosed, learn it and understand it from top to bottom. It's much safer than 110 and doesn't EVER need batteries.!
  7. Time is the measurement, a percentage of the relationship between gravity and size, a reaction to an expanding universe.
  8. Every particle attracts every other particle. Could gravity be a reaction to the force causing the expansion of the universe?
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