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  1. no, you can't do that, and it just makes things harder. It's easier just to calculate the derivative straight out
  2. that's a sort of artificial gravity caused by momentum, though...
  3. I think they used a flu virus grown in chicken eggs so they can't hurt humans. I don't think you're supposed to get a flu shot if you're allergic to eggs.
  4. you would use the same process: [math]y=x^2-2x-15[/math] [math]y'=2x-2[/math] [math]0=2x-2[/math] [math]x=1[/math] so there's a extreme at x=1 [math]y''=2>0[/math] so it is a minimum plug that back into the original equation and there's a minimum at (1,-16)
  5. 4) Nobody has ever displayed paranormal activity in any legitimate scientific investigation parapsychology, bah
  6. If it's a lecture, it's like all his other posts and extremely convoluted.
  7. that's really cool. It'd be cool if it was collapsable too, when you slide it in ; )
  8. Alrighty, I've lost my freakin' program switching to a new computer, and I'm trying to find a good compiler. I'm trying to use JCreator, which was excellent before, but now I just can't figure it out. Anyone have suggestions along those lines? By the way the text is from Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis It's the opening lines, I'm not sure how far it goes in, and the punctuation may be off, as it was a rough program I wrote Yeah, and if happen to figure out how the code works, put some encoded text up and I'll tell you if it's right
  9. and what does that have anything to do with anything? do you want shopping advice?
  10. and the twin paradox, where your twin goes out and comes back younger than you: you'd think there would be problem there because YOU should seem younger than HIM, but it works out because he changes his frame of reference when he turns around...
  11. never mind, I got it
  12. yeah... or when you're being "creative" you tend to see links between random crap.
  13. heck, maybe you could even get your hands on a beaver trap ; ) those things have some massive power- got my hand caught in one once.
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