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  1. BBC 2 9:00....... UK A program about Steven Hawking. It looks really good. Pincho.
  2. I want to know how you actually hypnotise someone. Is all of that Paul Mkenna stuff faked? Pincho.
  3. Basics is good enough for mandelbrots. You can use the standard drawing commands like line, ink, etc. Personally, I use Dark Basic which has a lot of nice drawing commands, and can save bmp's. Pincho.
  4. I have a Penguin book called 'Fractals: Images Of Chaos.' It's got lots of code examples, and most of the code is just a few lines long. Pincho.
  5. Binary 1, 0 , on/off. Simple intelligence. Passing energy from one particle to another, on/off simple intelligence. Two particles get together, 1,0,1,0, on/off, on/off, then later you get a wave. I am trying to say that gradually, a simple on/off situation leads to a high degree of intelligence. What you are looking at now is the on/off switch evolved. If it looks perfect, it is because it has evolved from the tiniest probibilty into a huge billion billion billion (Ask Fafalone the number) probibility. God would have had to have gone through a similar path to this to evolve himself, therefore he is redundant from the argument. You cannot say that we require an evolved God to create an evolved universe. What you can say is that the universe was either created from it's own internal evolution, or from a being or many beings that evolved before us, but who had to evolve from on/off themselves. Pincho.
  6. Well, it depends on how the tiniest movement in the universe works. I think that it would be based on the release of energy. The energy passes from one tiny object to the next. The distance that it has to travel is important, and its speed. The slower it can travel, the smaller the tiniest distance becomes, but there must be a minimum distance that anything can move. The speed is dependant on how often the energy is released. A pixel on a computer can wait before it lights up. The longer it waits to light up, the slower the movement can be. Maybe you are right, maybe life is similar to pixel movement. Pincho.
  7. Hmmm well I posted my myth based on a test made by a friend of mine. She was studying some kind of chemistry, and had to extract caffein from tea and coffee. She had a thick gunk that was the extract. The gunk in the tea was twice as high as the gunk in the coffee. I suppose it must be the brewing time of the tea. Pincho.
  8. Coffee contains more caffein than tea. Actually tea contains more. Pincho.
  9. No, you have invented another FACT there. I don't imagine everything the same as Earth, infact your examples of Fish, and black, and white, and Chinease people are far more related to Earth than my own examples. You infact are the one struggling to imagine things that are not from Earth. All I said was that eyes are probably the best way to see. Pincho.
  10. But these aren't facts though. Where did you get these facts from? I've never heard of any of them, and they still seem like opinions, and not facts. How can someone tell me what I can't imagine without reading me mind telepathically? How is it logical to have facts that are about my own thoughts, and to tell me that this is how my brain works, but I know that it isn't because I am the one using my brain in the first place. A smell.. A sound... A taste... Heat...Pain...disgust..love...hate..anger... What do you mean without seeing? Lots of senses don't need vision. We can even imagine how sharks see using electrical impulses, and that isn't part of our ability. Pincho.
  11. Yeah but that does sound like your opinion, and I can't see what it is based on. You are saying something like...try to imagine something that you can't imagine. Really, that has no logic. I don't think that anything exists that is not imaginable. Maybe you are remembering something that did not make sense to you like 4D images, and you want to use this as an example for a 4D alien. Well 4D should be 3D with time, someone wanted it to be a new kind of shape, but it is not that it is unimaginable, it's the fact that it is completely invented by man, and is impossible. Pincho.
  12. That's two contradictions in one post. We can imagine all alien possibilities. They can communicate by spitting water in each others lightpipes, it is still possible to guesstimate. Anything is. They don't have colour, they have brittleness, and the more brittle a part is, the more is stimulates you. Surely we can imagine every situation if we want to. Pincho.
  13. Intelligent life can be there in another dimension, and invisible to us, but it is not unimaginable. We can imagine anything. You have imagined it yourself Mooeypoo, and described what it would be like, although the shape could be anything, that is because we could only guess any shape, and there are millions of possible shapes for an unknown blob of imagination. Best to stick with planets though, they are more observable, otherwise we are making things from nothing, and even I don't make things from nothing. Pincho.
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