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  1. I have seen several devices that apparently increase leg strength to carry a load, like bleex and the springwalker, or to increase running and jumping distance, like the Kangaroo Boots or Powerskip. But is there anything that increases arm productivity like a hyrdaulic arm that imitates human motion or what would be even cooler is somethig that operates liek the powerskip and doesnt use a powersource or anything. Just wondering becuase i've never seen anything except a picture of this huge advanced arm thingy in someones fake DARPA form about a exoskelaton if i can find it ill post links it was kinda funny actually he used pictures from springwalker and bleex and that arm thingy and said his exoskelaton incorporated all 3 devices and was fully functional, almost believeable then he went on to explain the different models that would be used using pictures from something that looked alot liek Quake or Unreal.
  2. Ok I am going to begin this post as I do every one; I do not know that much about science or chemistry although I am very interesting i dont have much knowledge. So what i want to make is a liquid that glows in the dark or at least looks sweet as hell under a black light. I've seen powders that dissolve into paint and stuff to make it glow in the dark but the only problem with those is that the specific way we thought of having glow in the dark liquids is having a food coloring we could add to drinks to make them glow. So now the questio is are there any phosphors that are non-toxic and if not are there any food colorings that would react to a blacklight (dont think normal food coloring would would it?) Secondly I think it would be fun to make stuff glow different colors for fun's sake so what would i do if i wanted to make some glowy stuff out of materials I could find in a High School Chem Lab?
  3. I dont exactly know how to put the question im trying to ask but if one were to be interested in designing gadgets liek military science or something (my particular inpiration for this is advances in exokelaton and augmented reality research[example Land Warriors, BLEEX, etc]) what would one study and what steps would be taken to get projects started and researched? What i think im trying to say is, how would i go about becoming a scientist who choosies his own projects and designs military or defense gadgets such as weapons and etc. This may sound liek a childish or fatasy dream of what being a scietist is like but what would be the coolest thing in the world would be having a job like Morgan Freeman's character from Batman Begins where you get to create all kinds of neat stuff like combat equipment and vehicles and new materials and all that crazyt stuff >.<
  4. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I do not know much about anything of science. What is electricity's reaction to a magnetic field and is it possible to projuct a magnetic field without having some surrounding apparatus? The reason for the question is an argument with a friend over the possibility of creation of an actual lightsaber like those used in star wars. He first suggested lasers which i said wouldnt work for several reasons then he suggested using a strong electric current contained within a strong magnetic field.
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