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  1. Boric acid and denatured Alcohol Works Great.... I found everything at Walmart Boric acid was in the first aid($2.50)4OZ Denatured alcohol was in the paint($3.00)1Quart
  2. where can i get Strontium??????
  3. where can i get copper salt????
  4. I was thinking, what might happen if i ground copper, and burned it with gas.
  5. Can i use Boric Acid-------ROACH BORIC ACID KILLER Methanol----------Wood Alcohol Ethanol--------------Cologne What other things could i use? Can i add solvent red 24 to give it red smoke or will it kill the color? could a guy mix gas with Styrofoam with Ethanol, Methanol, and Boric Acid. and get the same flame with a longer burn time. What I want to make is a flammable liq. i can keep in a vial. so if i had a camp fire i could place the vial in the flames and get a great green flame.
  6. Can anyone give us the name of a substance. We need something we can mix with gas to change the color of the flames.
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