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  1. I was talking to a person who told me that the day her sister met with an accident, the same day he felt extremely nervous, had awful butterflies in his stomach, felt sth wrong was going to happen to her sister, called her (her house was about 700 miles away) and got the news of her accident from her husband.... Is this intuition....Is this similar to the nervousness of animals before an earthquake.....
  2. @ swansont... When a system (atom) emits a photon, where is the photon prior to its emittance...what is its speed...and in which direction...
  3. @ rktpro How can you say that the 2s electron has less energy, when it is tightly bound to the nucleus..... As 2s electron is tightly bound, it seems to me that it has more energy. So, more energy is required to tear it off the nucleus as compared to 3p electron....
  4. @ Fred Champion You have talked about your self, your identity, your conception and birth, your soul etc.....but....you haven't talked about what you think about the origin of soul.....is god the origin of soul or someone who made god?
  5. @ Fredchampion What is the origin of your soul....and so on......
  6. @ mordred.... thanks for an elaborate answer......
  7. @ tailspin These two theories are not correct. 1. The first theory is not correct because in order to answer infinite new questions that arise from infinite regress of ideas/concepts, you will have to coin infinite new words to explain these ever popping up new questions/ideas. This means, you can write infinite new books for ever that will always contain new words. 2. The second theory is also wrong because when you will answer the ever increasing number of new questions, the atoms in your brain will always be arranged in ever increasing newer ways than before.
  8. @ mordred... Plz explain the word 'instantaneously'. 1. When you say something is insantaneously created, does it mean the 'time lag' between the creation and the 'cause of creation' is infinitely small- even smaller than the plank time? 2. Does it mean that 'instantaneous creation' talks of the 'undefined', because time intervals below plank time are not defined in the current scientific paradigm? BTW, I also entertained by the question of the pregnant electron, that 'arose instantaneously' in my mind....
  9. @ xyzt are u gettin angry at me?....plz don't....I might be a silent heart patient..... @ everybody When an electron is pregnant with a photon....what is the speed of the photon inside an electron and in which direction....
  10. Consider the instant of time when a photon is born.... now, divide this instant of time into small intervals each measuring plank time... what is the speed of the photon in first such instant?... c or less or zero or whatever.....
  11. @ tailspin Dear, just remember one thing...... Our questions are NOT GOING TO END. It means the possibilities are REALLY INFINITE. Fundamental particles ALSO REQUIRE EXPLANATION......and......just keep in mind that questions regarding such explanations are going to increase for ever with the advancement of humankind.
  12. Yes, you have just realised that there is no end to possibilities in the universe.
  13. 1. How does length know it has to contract and how does time know it has to dialate? 2. Will this happen if no observer is present? 3. When a photon is produced, what tells it to move at c? 4. How does the universe know it has to maintain the constancy of speed of light? 5. How does universe know that an observation is taking place, so that relativity effects are to actualize? i am not much intelligent, but somehow a thought has come into my mind that on this forum certain questions are ignored/not commented upon ( this applies to threads/comments started by others also, some of whom are long standing members)
  14. Do you think there would be no question left regarding particles? No, the next question would be 'How this most fundamental particle came to exist in the very first place?' To answer this lots of 'cre\ܗXPu|(_(AqB_;D sorry for wrong posts, its terrible to reply from mobile. NO, these theories are not right. A simple example.... Suppose, humans have found the most fundamental particle. Do you think after this there would be no question left regarding particles? No, the next question would be 'How this most fundamental particle came to exist in the very first place?' To answer this lots of 'creative' theories would be required, lots of experiments would be required and lots of new books would be required. So, the question of origin of anything ( universe, god, matter, energy, etc.) leads to an infinite regress. This infinite regress is the source from which infinte questions, infinite books, infinite fiction, infinite theories and infinite creativity arises.
  15. Do you think there would be no question left regarding particles? No, the next question would be 'How this most fundamental particle came to exist in the very first place?' To answer this lots of 'creati'g3֠.l҃}vqP <UM
  16. You should be rather happy that you live in a universe that gives you the opportunity of asking such self-criticising and humbling questions..... Any universe that does not lead to such questions will be like a prison where you are to live by the laws ordained by a dictatorial supreme authority. Moreover, remember one thing.... If you have infinite creativity and infinte possibilities but you have no aim rather than 'creativity for the sake of creativity', you have no worthwhile aim at all... Your aim should be the happiness of all the life forms in this universe. If that is unattainable, your aim should be the happiness of your friends and your near and dear ones. You MUST remember that if you enter the dungeon of depression, you are not only doing disservice to yourself but to your near and dear ones also. MOREOVER, Be rest assured because KNOWLEDGE IS INFINITE and therefore the possibilities are REALLY INFINITE!!
  17. What is the mechanism for this to happen- rather than saying this just happens or pointing to the equations.... Does this happen instantaneously or is subject to c? Suppose, a spaceship is travelling at tremendous speed near the outer edge of the universe and the light from it reaches us after billions of years, so when does this EFFECT of relativity come into existence....now or billions of years earlier....
  18. @ Stringjunky Does it mean that before the BB, the universe existed all at once- without the separation between past, present and future? Does this mean that before BB everything happened all at once? Even it were true, what is the 'NATURAL' mechanism, that led to the starting of time?- no one has given any so far........ IMHO, seen from this viewpoint, everything that we call natural IS SUPERNATURAL because it has a supernatural begining as per current knowledge.......
  19. @ mordred It was a good read.....all the types of universes and entropy......but......I couldn't find the answer..... May be...you should help me out or give another link.
  20. A query regarding time...... Before big bang, time did not exist. Then, howcome big bang happen in the very first place? Does it mean, certain things can happen even without time?
  21. A scientist is eating his breakfast with a cool mind.....not thinkin anything specific........ Suddenly, a thought comes to his mind that says to him that he should add a particular chemical to his petridish in order to obtain a particular result he has been aiming at for the last one month.... The scientist leaves his breakfast, goes to his lad, adds the chemical that his thought told him to add and gets the desired result. Can this thought be called intuition?
  22. It is said attraction leads to loss of energy. suppose an electon in 2s orbital and another in 3p orbital. Doesn't the 2s electron have more energy as it is difficult to remove it from the atom as compared to 3p electron.
  23. @ swansont plz be elaborate (what you said is obvious) So, does it mean atoms/forces rearrange themseves in the spaceship for the observer who is not in the spaceship? Who/what tells the atoms to get arranged in a new fashion? if the atoms don't get rearranged,can this phenomenon be called a special type of optical illusion??
  24. @ ajb ( I am replying from mobile....somehow cannot quote) IMO here the words proper, standard or other such variants are misnomers at best...... BTW, when the observer focuses on the space ship, doesn't he become one-to-one with the reference frame of the space ship???? @ everybody What is the mechanism through which speed and length interact with each other, so as to influence each other......no maths please...a dumber is at the receiving end.
  25. @ strange Does it mean the space in the space ship also contracts? Does it mean there is no real length? Does it mean from the view point of particles in the LHC, we are just point entities? ..........................all this seems philosophy, not science:/
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